Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
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Antonio Brown’s Legal Team Sends New Threat To The NFL

Antonio Brown’s Legal Team Sends New Threat To The NFL

Brown argues that he should be allowed to use his 10-year-old helmet model despite the league's restriction. Brown would be required, through his own testimony (which would be subject to rigorous cross examination) and the testimony of qualified experts, to show that the only reason the injury happened was because he was required to wear one of the helmets approved by the National Football League and the NFLPA and was prevented from wearing his outdated helmet of choice. That material, which is used by most other helmet manufacturers, does not perform as well as the TPU Cushioning we now use in all of our varsity helmets. "If he doesn't play or practice he is in breach of his contract and doesn't get paid". Brown's Schutt Air Advantage helmet is no longer allowed because the NFL follows the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) rule that helmets 10 years or older can not be recertified.

His comments come just days after Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown said that he would not play football again unless he can wear his old helmet.

It's perhaps understandable that Brown preferred this helmet for its lightweight functionality rather than its safety, but it's just hard from the outside how he could make any type of legal case for it if he did wind up getting hurt with a new NFL-approved helmet. "My last helmet, I wore in four Super Bowls, so it was a pretty great helmet for me, and I hated to put it on the shelf, but that was what they said to do, so I'm dealing with it and working with something else".

Centre has assured flood-hit Kerala of 'liberal' support Governor
As of now, Idukki dam has only 30 per cent of its Full Reservoir Level. "Previous year it was almost 98 per cent", he added. A red alert has been issued for three districts and orange alert for six districts in Kerala for Sunday.

The Schutt Air Advantage helmet, which is what Brown wants to wear, was discontinued in 2011 and is 12 years old.

Antonio Brown hasn't participated in the Oakland Raider's practice session since July 10, with the latest reason for his absence being frostbite. "I hope we can start calling them". I don't know why it's so important to him.

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