Published: Sat, August 10, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Apple makes DIY iPhone fix a hassle again, surprising no one

Apple makes DIY iPhone fix a hassle again, surprising no one

iFixit wrote that this appears to be an intentional feature in which replacement batteries lacking a Texas Instruments microcontroller with a unique Apple authentication key are locked out of providing certain battery health data to users. Now, users everywhere are dreading the thought of standing in line and paying for repairs at the Apple Store or other authorized dealers.

The same issue also pops up when a battery - even an authorized Apple part - is installed by a fix shop not affiliated with Apple. Besides passing information about the battery such as its temperature, capacity and the time remaining until it is fully discharged, the TI chip authenticates the battery being used with the phone's logic board.

Ifixit found that Apple has activated a piece of software in its phones that kills a diagnostic feature related to its battery. The latest move against DIY fix sees Apple hiding health data about replaced batteries - even if the battery you're using as a replacement is an official Apple one.

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The lock is apparently only affecting Apple's newer phones, including the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max which are running either the newest ios 12.4 or an iPhone 13 beta.

Apple has always been trying to push users to shun third-party repairers and go through Apple for device repairs. This doesn't impact the way your iPhone performs after replacing the battery, however, as iFixit says it didn't experience any throttling.

Even if you try to bypass the chip by changing the battery with one authorized by Apple, you will still get the same message. Apple is still to comment on this Service message for the iPhone battery fix. As with everything Apple, the foldable iPhone would be more expensive than its rivals, and this could be a major problem for the first generations. If either check fails, navigating to the Settings Battery section in iOS will display the word "Service" next to Battery Health. It's also perhaps not the best public relations move given that another Apple controversy involving performance throttling of iPhones with older batteries is quite fresh in its customers' memory. Recently, Apple also started disabling TrueTone on screen replacements even if you are using a genuine iPhone screen.

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