Published: Fri, August 09, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

British PM Johnson urges lawmakers to back October 31 Brexit

British PM Johnson urges lawmakers to back October 31 Brexit

Michael Gove, the British minister in charge of no-deal preparations, said Tuesday he was "deeply saddened" that the European Union was "refusing to negotiate with the U.K".

But, in a challenge to MPs, the prime minister's spokesperson said: "The UK will be leaving the European Union on October 31 whatever the circumstances, there are no ifs or buts". If neither is able to, Johnson might be forced to call a general election.

The Government has guaranteed "full plans" are in place to deliver an unhindered supply of medicines in the event of a no-deal Brexit. It follows recent pledges to hire more policy officers and increase infrastructure spending, including on railways.

Officials in Brussels are said to have been shaken by reports that Mr Johnson's senior adviser Dominic Cummings has said it is too late for MPs to block a no-deal break on October 31. On Aug. 4, even Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly didn't rule it out.

September 4 - No-confidence motion is voted upon, government loses.

Johnson could argue that he is not obliged to resign and decide to hold out until an election is triggered and then hold that election after October 31.

"So unless there is some change in that negotiated deal, then no-deal clearly is the central operating assumption".

Speaking to the BBC, Labour's Jon Ashworth added: "What it is beginning to look like is that money hospitals were promised for cutting their costs and cutting back on their spending, they were promised extra money, and then ministers came along and blocked them from spending this extra money".

The prime minister faces losing a confidence vote in a few weeks time if he pursues a no-deal exit.

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But some Remainer MPs believe a pro-EU government containing MPs from the Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru, and parts of the Labour Party, might have a better chance of forming a majority.

Reflecting on her 30 years serving her constituents, Ms Hoey recalled times when the Labour Party in government made "not really sensible" decisions that were criticised by voters, with her Labour colleagues "actually saying: 'Well we may be unpopular, but [Labour voters] have got nowhere else to go'". Serious for food prices, for medical supplies, for trade, for investment, and drive us straight into the hands of the sort of trade deal that Donald Trump wants to do with Boris Johnson. Under the fixed terms act, he needs the parliament to vote for it.

MPs could indicate their support for someone else through an emergency debate, a written letter or statement, according to David Howarth of the University of Cambridge.

And there's nothing that the current prime minister could do to prevent such an administration being formed if a majority of the House of Commons wanted it.

If the government lost, it would have 14 days to overturn the result by winning a new vote.

An election campaign must last a minimum of 25 working days, plus a day or two for Queen Elizabeth II to formally dissolve Parliament.

A former senior minister has said that if Boris Johnson refused to step down after losing a no-confidence vote it would create "the gravest constitutional crisis since the actions of Charles I led to the Civil War". "Grieve will see what he is right about".

Were Swinson to get into No 10, Leavers would likely fear Brexit being scrapped altogether.

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