Published: Sun, August 04, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google is adding a lifesaving feature to Android devices

The new feature, available on the Pixel 4 and selected Android phones, will let you call emergency services without speaking. "This new feature provides similar location details through the machine-controlled voice service, alongside the caller's plus code, which is another reliable way to help emergency services accurately locate them", Dunlop added. Obviously, the location of the user comes from the phone's Global Positioning System and is shared with the operator when a call to 911 is made, but the new feature offers similar location information through the automated voice service, along with the caller's plus code.

The feature is straightforward - it displays three additional buttons during an emergency call on the Phone app such as "Medical, ' "Fire" or 'Police". You will still have the option to speak to the concerned operator if you want to. Google will then speak out the the information the operator needs like the address and name of the caller.

This feature will be available through the free Phone mobile application on Pixel devices and a few select others in the United States over the next few months.

Start by placing an emergency call using the Phone app. Global Positioning System location is shared with the operator, while the caller's plus code will also be shared.

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Also, you'll transmit a plus code to the operator in the process, which is a shortcut street address created to let responders locate you.

How exactly? The default Phone app on Pixel phones and select Android devices will receive a number of changes. This feature uses text-to-voice technology to convey the user's message to the concerned person.

Google made the announcement earlier today in a blog post that explained the stock "Phone" app is getting the new feature. Google has been collecting feedback from public safety organizations to make this feature as helpful as possible.

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