Published: Fri, August 02, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google Is Experimenting Play Pass for Hundreds of Premium Apps and Games

Google Is Experimenting Play Pass for Hundreds of Premium Apps and Games

According to screenshots obtained by the outlet, Play Pass grants users access to hundreds of premium apps and games for a $4.99 monthly fee (with a free 10-day trial). As per the statement from Google, the service will offer "puzzle games to premium music apps ..."

One of the most convenient features is a small Google Assistant icon that appears next to certain apps allowing a user to immediately launch the assistant for the corresponding app with a single tap. And whether Google Maps, Waze or another navigation app is your favorite for turn-by-turn directions, Android Auto will display it to help deliver you from point "A" to point "B".

As Google announced in May, the new Android Auto starts playing media and Google Maps as soon as the vehicle starts.

Does anyone here think they'll get their USD$60 a year in value from Play Pass? The idea here is very interesting, and Android Police is reporting that Google has already started testing the service with some users. Hit the weather app icon, for example, and the Assistant will read out the forecast; hit the calendar app, and you get a summary of what's on your agenda. The list of games offered by the service will be curated by experts and updated monthly. Consistently offering well-known and popular games is also a must. This means subscribers won't have to worry about losing their progress in case of an unstable mobile connection. In fact, the solution is closer to Apple's Arcade game subscription service, which was launched earlier this year.

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Apple's Arcade subscription service will be released in the fall, probably between September and November. Shawn also likes to spend countless hours on social media to hunt the latest news from the biggest technology companies, so that his reports are as fresh as possible.

What unites the two services is the motivation behind them: Both Apple and Google are looking to grow their subscription revenues. While the compting Apple Arcade program is available for all device and platforms in the Apple ecosystem that includes Mac, Apple TV and iPads, it is not certain whether the Google Play Pass will be available on other allied platforms like Android TV.

It's not immediately clear how much content might be available in games and apps, but we are content with starting at "no ads". More information is expected around the iPhone launch event, which traditionally happens in September.

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