Published: Thu, August 01, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google teaser confirms Pixel 4 face unlock, Project Soli features

Google teaser confirms Pixel 4 face unlock, Project Soli features

Last night, Google released a teaser for the Pixel 4 which confirmed that the upcoming Google flagship will feature Face Unlock and, as rumours have been suggesting for some time now, Project Soli for motion gestures. Soli sensor will proactively turn on the face unlock sensors, recognizing that you may want to unlock your phone. The Soli hardware will enable the Face Unlock sensors when it recognizes your hand reaching for the phone. Google also says you'll be able to use face unlock even for payments and authentication, and that the Soli chip will make face unlock faster, and easier.

On the face unlock feature, Google revealed Pixel 4's sensors automatically recognise when you pick the device for unlocking, unlike other phones which require users to pick the device all the way up and wait for it to unlock.

Back to normality, and as described Face Unlock will work much like Apple's Face ID, though it should start authenticating as soon as you lift the phone and work in almost every orientation, even upside down.

Face unlock isn't new technology and is used by a number of other vendors.

Google says that after 18 months of collecting the data, it will get rid of the face data that the company collected for these tests. Google does say, however, that Motion Sense will only be available in select countries where Pixel is available.

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Now, Google is talking about another cool feature of Google Pixel 4 - Face Unlock. However, Google claims its take on the feature is a little different to the likes of Face ID found on the Apple iPhone XS.

The face unlock data technology will be processed on the device itself, so the data won't leave the phone. Also, we now have a new PR strategy from Google related to its Pixel products which is likely to create some buzz around its products before launch.

There's still plenty of mystery surrounding the Pixel 4, including its launch date. Pixel 4 accompanies exceptional square camera module within any event three camera sensors.

The user's facial data is also never transmitted to Google. In case the software algorithms and unlock sensors recognize the user, the phone will open immediately as it is picked up, all in one motion. The Pixel 4 features seven front sensors, including two face unlock IR cameras, a dot projector, a flood illuminator, the front-facing camera, an ambient light and proximity sensor, and the Soli radar chip.

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