Published: Thu, August 01, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren a tough act to follow

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren a tough act to follow

The Michigan Democratic Party invited an unspecified number of guests to the event and holding watch parties throughout the state.

Both Ms Warren and Mr Sanders offered an unabashed defence of their policies as their more moderate rivals described their proposals as unrealistic and politically untenable. Forty-seven percent of Democrats, 68 percent of Independents, and 87 percent of Republicans thought it was a bad idea. And in many respects, it is only beginning.

Not to be outdone, former Maryland Congressman John Delaney called out Sanders and Warren by name, accusing them of making "impossible promises" that will turn off voters. Tendentious Tapper noted that Sanders and Trump have both said the United States can't be the "policeman of the world" and pointedly asked Sanders why voters should believe he would be "any different" than Trump.

John Hickenlooper's closing statement asked us to imagine that tomorrow morning we would be facing life-threatening surgery.

"You're wrong!" Sanders replied to laughter.

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg said that it's a distinction without a difference, indicating people would pay higher taxes but would pay less for health care when they're doing the opposite right now. They would not have to worry about their care, he added.

"In this discussion already tonight, we've talked about taking private health insurance away from union members in the industrial Midwest, we've talked about decriminalizing the border and we've talked about giving free health care to undocumented workers when so many Americans are struggling to pay for their health care", Ryan said.

"I'm not going to support any plan that rips away quality health care from individuals", said Mr Bullock.

Klobuchar favors allowing people to buy into government health insurance if they wish to.

Capital One data breach leaves 100 million vulnerable
Based on analysis by the company, that includes around 100 million people in the US and 6 million in Canada . Thompson once worked for Amazon Web Services, which hosted the Capitol One database that was breached .

"It is time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say", Buttigieg declared.

Now if I said to you, "I'll increase your taxes by $2,000 but cut your premiums by $5,000, leaving you $3,000 ahead", and you replied, "That sounds bad - I don't want to pay higher taxes!" we'd all agree it would make you an idiot. Of course, we want to welcome them. "So let's just stand up for the right policy and go out there and defend it", Buttigieg said to a round of applause.

None of these criticisms were new to Warren and Sanders, however, because this is really a very old debate in Democratic politics.

Marianne Williamson made waves by pointing to the economic and other challenges facing Flint. Gov. Steve Bullock managed to be smarmy even as he refused to take a first-strike nuclear attack by the U.S. Elizabeth Warren of MA nimbly batted away attacks from centrist candidates who functioned mainly as stand-ins for former Vice President Joe Biden, the current frontrunner in the Democratic primary race and the only candidate with a timid policy agenda who is polling well. He said he was unprepared for attacks from Harris, whom he considered a friend. He came home to a black community that was frustrated and outraged almost five years after the Black Lives Matter movement was born amid increased awareness of the shootings of unarmed black men by police.

The two locked horns again in the second half of the debate over Sanders' proposal to eliminate new gas-powered vehicles by 2040.

Though former vice president Joe Biden remains the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, it was Sanders' agenda that dominated the night. His Twitter feed was silent - through the debate's first two hours, at least.

Ten more candidates will face off tonight, including Mr Biden and Senator Kamala Harris.

Ryan also said during the more than two-hour debate he believes it's wrong to incentivize undocumented immigrants to come into the US illegally, and he believes that Democrats need a better agenda to beat President Donald Trump in 2020.

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