Published: Sun, July 21, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Israelis arrested over alleged rape of British woman in Cyprus resort town

Israelis arrested over alleged rape of British woman in Cyprus resort town

The suspects, who are all Israeli, were accused of raping the 19-year-old in her hotel room shortly after midnight on Wednesday, July 17.

Twelve Israeli tourists, aged from 16 to 19 years, were detained for eight days by a Cyprus court over the alleged gang rape of a 19-year-old British woman at the Ayia Napa resort. The woman filed a complaint with police on Wednesday morning. Medical examiners said they found bruises and scratches on her.

It's understood the teenagers were in Ayia Napa partying and celebrating before they are conscripted into the country's army - a requirement for all Israeli Jewish citizens over the age of 18.

Defence lawyers asked the court for the hearing to be held behind closed doors because one of the suspects was not yet 18.

Israel's Foreign Ministry said it was aware of the case, and that Cypriot law enforcement had allowed Israeli diplomats access to the suspects.

The teenagers arrived at Paralimni court, southeast of Cyprus, with their faces covered with t-shirts.

The mother of one of the suspects told the BBC her son had done nothing wrong.

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The alleged attack was said to have taken place in a hotel in the popular holiday resort of Ayia Napa.

Three of those under arrest have admitted to having sex with the woman, according to Israel's Channel 12, but all of them say it was done "with consent and love".

He said he suspects police investigators are trying to set a trap by implicating all 12 suspects.

"I think it's a trick", he said.

He added all the other suspects insisted they had no sexual contact with the woman and they weren't alone in the room with her.

The island nation in the Mediterranean is a popular vacation destination among United Kingdom tourists, with over a million people flocking there every year.

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