Published: Sun, July 21, 2019
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Unfortunately, Superman Returns was one of the worst Superman movies to date. Tyler Hoechlin will also return as the CW's Superman.

No word yet on which Superman will be featured on which episode, but more news is expected to be revealed at SDCC 2019.

Routh will play the Man of Steel alongside Tyler Hoechlin, who now plays Superman in the franchise.

Also, Routh will play The Atom in the crossover.

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The actor now features on CW's Legends of Tomorrow as Ray Palmer/The Atom. Both Routh and Hoechlin will assume the role of Superman in different time frames, yet it is unknown who will be in which episodes. And Routh will actually be going double duty, portraying both Superman and the Atom. Personally, I can't wait to see this playout.

Are you excited to see Routh return to the role of Superman? This event will encompass all of their shows, including Arrow's final season, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and the latest addition, Batwoman (who was introduced in last year's event). However, in this upcoming season's Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, he won't be the only Superman to appear. It's so big that there are specific executive producers working on it from several different shows and it's being plotted out in a way that puts every other crossover event to shame. But if it's anything like the comic (which we recommended below), fans should be in for a treat. A few years later Zack Snyder would do a reboot featuring Henry Cavill in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League. This will mark Brandon's second involvement with the Superman project and this time on Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover.

Routh and Hoechlin both took to Twitter to comment on the revelation.

Crisis on Infinite Earths shares the same name with a 1980s comic book series by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez.

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