Published: Fri, July 19, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

New Emojis & Must-See Details

New Emojis & Must-See Details

As you can see, Google is adding some awesome new emoji to Android that users have been requesting for quite some time. The flawless opportunity for Google to present the 65 new ones that will come with Android 10 Q. The emojis are from the 2019 batch of Unicode consortium.

There's some new animals (a sloth and an otter), colour patches, hearts, a yawning emoji that I expect to suddenly turn up in all my chats, kneeling people, shoes, clothes, a kite, an axe and lots more.

According to Apple, when it comes to the Holding Hands couple emoji, users can choose any skin tone and gender combination, making it possible to use up to 75 different combinations.

Apple is celebrating by announcing that new emojis are coming in the fall of this year. Yay!

Today is the World Emoji Day and to mark the occasion, Apple and Google have revealed their plans to introduce brand-new emoji characters later this year.

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Back in March, Prince Eric trended on Twitter after a user suggested that Styles would make the flawless choice for the character. The news comes to us exclusively from Collider , who says Disney wants Styles to play the role of Prince Eric .

A spokesperson, Kristina Barrick, for the British disability equality charity, Scope, said this was a "positive step towards disability being well and truly represented in the world of emoji".

Google highlighted some of the emojis that they're bringing to Android devices this year.

We were getting so exhausted of writing the word "garlic" all the time, and good guy Unicode included one emoji for that breathless feeling. The new set of emojis also includes a one-piece swimsuit, swim shorts, and safety vests. And other emojis that were previously just male or female now have more gender-inclusive designs.

Now in beta testing, iOS 13 should arrive sometime this fall.

In addition to being able to signal a quick yee-haw to your mates, the new emoji keyboard also features a plate of falafel, guide dogs, and someone parachuting.

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