Published: Thu, July 11, 2019
Sports | By Brett Lawson

National Basketball Association to implement coach's challenge system for 2019-20 season

National Basketball Association to implement coach's challenge system for 2019-20 season

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he believes the league has "work to do" when it comes to free agency and making sure the league finds more "enforceable" rules to prevent tampering.

Silver's comments came after a free-agency period in which several star players changed teams through deals that were apparently agreed upon before the official start of free agency at 6 p.m. ET on June 30.

Most of the big names in National Basketball Association free agency agreed to new deals within hours of the deadline passing last week.

"I think you have unique circumstances with those players and those teams".

"My job is to enforce a fair set of rules for all our teams and a set of rules that are clear and make sense for everyone", said Silver.

Silver also commented on potential rules changes regarding tampering, saying "the one strong conviction I have is that we should not have rules that are not strictly enforced".

Silver also said he finds the recent trend of trade requests "disheartening". A courtside administrator will be on hand at every game to speed up communication with replay officials at National Basketball Association offices in Secaucus, New Jersey.

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"We've got to fix that", Silver said.

It was an unprecedented period of player movement, and there's no wonder that Silver and the league are monitoring the situation. I think it hurts the perception of integrity around the league if people say, 'Well, you have that rule and it's obvious that teams aren't fully complying, so why do you have it?' According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and Shams Charania of The Athletic, the NBA's Board of Governor's approved the ability for coaches to challenge plays on the court. Of the 25 players who were on the 2017 All-Star rosters, 17 have changed teams since and seven of them have switched jerseys at least twice. One challenge per game on certain calls, you need a timeout to challenge and, most notable, challenges are initiated by coaches by "twirling" a finger toward a referee after calling timeout.

"A personal foul charged to coach's team, a called out-of-bounds violation, and goaltending and basket-interference violations", he noted.

There has been talk that a coach's challenge would be discussed at the July 9 meeting and the league has already implemented a challenge system for its summer leagues. All technical and flagrant fouls that occur during or right after a call being challenged will stand regardless of the result of the challenge.

The Pelicans got lucky and found Zion Williamson in the National Basketball Association draft lottery, giving the team and fans a brand new hope.

A courtside administrator would be added to the scorer's table to act as a middle-man between the replay center and the crew at the game, along with someone to announce scoring changes.

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