Published: Thu, July 11, 2019
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Love Island: Francesca and Chris pick Curtis and Maura for their date

Love Island: Francesca and Chris pick Curtis and Maura for their date

Yes, last night's episode of Love Island ended a hectic day of dumping and walk-outs as Danny, Jourdan, Amy, Lucie and George all left the Love Island villa.

Michael Griffiths can be seen saying: "See, I love Lucie but she's had an opportunity". "I feel like we'll see what happens on the outside and how those guys will go but never say never, if we did come to that romantic stage in a few years and me and Tommy were still friends, you never know".

"I'm leaving today but it's a positive thing because I'm going to go and start the rest of my life today..."

The public have followed Amy and Curtis's hard journey from the beginning of the series, right up until his brutal dumping - which has since seen Maura Higgins decide to crack on with the professional dancer.

"Yes, I've cheated but it was a long time ago when I was 19. You can't do that with me here, and I can't heal living in the same house at the moment".

Following the previous rumours that Hart had left the villa, Love Island responded by citing the extensive duty of care provided by the show.

Now that Amy Hart has left the villa, Maura now has the ideal opportunity to crack on with Curtis. "I love you all so much and I can not tell you what you've all done for me".

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The Islanders deliberated in their couples to decide who they believe should remain in the villa. If people have a problem with it they need to realise it's Love Island and not "coming in here and settling for second best" Island. He said: "I'd love to sit here and say I will be loyal".

"I looked at it and thought, 'Even if I had to take the last week, I would take it if it meant I could take those first four weeks over again'".

It seems the majority of people support Amy's decision to leave the villa.

Using crying emojis, one viewer said: "Omg Amy".

There's been speculation that producers stepped in and convinced her to leave the villa.

It's set to be quite the shocker of an episode, tune in at 9pm on Virgin Media.

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