Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
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Spotify now has a Lite app for Android users in 36 countries

Spotify now has a Lite app for Android users in 36 countries

Spotify has unveiled a new version of its app called Spotify Lite which is primarily designed for older or lower end devices that has less firepower as compared to newer models.

Spotify Lite also comes with the ability to set a data limit and get a notification when users reach it.

"You'll still be able to search for and play your favourite songs and artists, save them, share them with others, discover new music and enjoy playlists made just for you, but with a few extra features making it ideal for older devices and operating systems", Spotify said. Coming in at just 10MB with support for devices running Android 4.3 or later, the company claims that 90 percent of the features on its main app would be available on the Lite version, which had been in beta since previous year. Users can clear cache to keep storage usage to minimum while using Spotify Lite. It is created to work in areas with limited bandwidth, said Kalle Persson, senior product manager at Spotify.

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For starters, the Spotify Lite has a file size of only 10MB which should make faster to download and install on one's phone.

The music streaming app is available on over 500 products across 200 hardware brands globally. Apart from this, the Spotify lite app doesn't allow users to download songs and play offline. Citing a company spokesperson, TechCrunch reported that there are no plans to bring the Lite app to iOS. As of March 2019, the music platform reported 217 million users with 46 percent of them being paid subscribers (100 million).

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