Published: Fri, July 05, 2019
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Stranger Things 3 Is Turning Fortnite Upside Down in New Crossover

Stranger Things 3 Is Turning Fortnite Upside Down in New Crossover

Never ones to miss a good marketing opportunity, Netflix's Stranger Things and Epic Games' Fortnite are doing a branded crossover event. Season 3 of Stranger Things is streaming now on Netflix - some 20 months after the slightly divisive second season dropped - amid hope from fans that it'll serve as a major return to form for the smash hit sci-fi series.

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It seems some players have spotted small hints already though, including a number of odd and glowing portals dotted around the Mega Mall area in Fortnite. Now that the third season of the show is available to stream, the game's developer revealed a new crossover with the show. Upside-Down themed portals can be found on the walls of the Mega Mall point of interest which teleport the player to random areas of the facility. Use code FortniteINTEL in the Item Shop if you'd like to support us! And that's a big deal apparently, because everyone's getting in on Stranger Things-flavoured activities, even Microsoft. One is inspired by Chief Hopper (David Harbour) while the other is the Demogorgon itself. Most recently, there was a John Wick X Fortnite event in conjunction with the third film in the franchise. We saw just how far Epic Games was willing to stretch the boundaries of its game when Fortnite crossed over with Avengers to bring a Thanos limited time mode to the game.

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