Published: Tue, July 02, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

OnePlus 7 Pro owners get freaky notifications and the company apologizes

OnePlus also apologized for the spammy behavior and added that it will investigate the internal fault and disclose more info about the same on a later date.

Early this morning, OnePlus 7 Pro users received a couple of push notifications through OnePlus' push notification system that showed a bunch of random characters. If you were awake, you were probably surprised by the mysterious message - some users found it amusing, others thought it was spam, and a few were alarmed that their phones or OnePlus' servers might have been hacked.

OnePlus has confirmed that unusual notifications reported by scores of OnePlus 7 Pro users were accidentally sent during internal testing.

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As soon as we noticed the mistake, we performed a round of in-depth investigations with the related teams to identify the cause. In no short time, the push notifications had started generating mixed reactions with some fans wondering if OnePlus has been hacked.

That means you can dismiss the notifications, safe in the knowledge nothing untoward has happened to your device. Apparently, users were not supposed to receive the message and the company says it is implementing new processes to ensure that there isn't a repeat of such incident. Tapping on any of the 2 push notifications only created more ruckus as it reportedly tried opening a webpage but it couldn't open. OnePlus says that it used Google Firebase Cloud Messaging to send the notification and that customers' personal data was not at risk.

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