Published: Thu, June 27, 2019
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

#KimOhNo: Japanese accuse Kim Kardashian of cultural over ‘kimono’ shapewear

#KimOhNo: Japanese accuse Kim Kardashian of cultural over ‘kimono’ shapewear

Kardashian off her toned figure in NY today, sporting a LBD and a pair of perspex heeled thongs to lunch at Carbone in Greenwich Village, possibly also wearing her "solutionwear" underneath.

Kardashian West announced the project on Twitter on Tuesday, saying it was coming soon.

Kim Kardashian West's latest product is not yet available to buy, but the backlash is already here.

Other online users opted to share photos of themselves in traditional kimonos as a way of explaining their significance to Japanese culture. It is a gown that is tied with a sash and has been worn by both men and women for generations.

Yasuno Yoshizawa, also known as Bunkaiwa, is a Japanese "cross culture consultant" based in California. "This is awful", tweeted Masahito Sato, an editor and writer.

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The website for the yet-to-launch underwear line says the items can "enhance, smooth, lift or sculpt", however the top responses to Kardashian's tweets on the new launch point out that the name's appropriation of traditional Japanese garb is misguided.

Yoshifumi Nakazaki, deputy director general of the Japan Kimono League, said the kimono was a "common asset" for all Japanese people. You don't have any respect for people who are not your family, do you? "Generally speaking, it is unthinkable for a Japanese person to register kimono for a trademark".

From wearing the Fulani braids to the Indian headpiece, the reality star has been called out countless times for cultural appropriation and it looks like that is continuing to happen.

Yes, we're sure Kardashian and her branding experts like the fact that "kimono" has the name Kim in it, but that may have blinded them to the fact that it might be offensive in Japan, a country that takes its traditions very seriously. "I used an unbelievable photographer and a team of people".

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