Published: Thu, June 27, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

House passes $4.5B border aid bill

House passes $4.5B border aid bill

The House of Representatives voted by 230-195 on Tuesday to approve $4.5 billion in aid for the growing crisis at the USA southern border - a vote that followed Democratic infighting over the package and a White House veto threat.

The 55-37 vote to reject the House bill was a rebuke to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats, who had larded their measure up with anti-Trump restrictions, chasing liberal lawmakers at the expense of a bipartisan deal. Though revisions are possible, House leaders are still hoping for approval as early as Tuesday. He said Border Patrol stations are holding 15,000 people - more than triple their maximum capacity of 4,000.

It's unclear whether the Senate and House can reconcile their bills before Congress breaks for a month-long recess later this week.

The House passed legislation Tuesday to provide humanitarian assistance for migrants at the southern border despite the White House having threatened to veto it.

Neither measure would finance President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

"Because this bill does not provide adequate funding to meet the current crisis, and because it contains partisan provisions created to hamstring the Administration's border enforcement efforts, the Administration opposes its passage", the letter reads, according to a copy obtained by The Associated Press. They bid his refusal to video show his commercial holdings to Congress for their approval deprived them of a vote, and his persisted commercial holdings violate the constitutional anti-corruption share identified as the Emoluments Clause, which says elected officers can not get proceeds from foreign powers.

"It is hard to avoid seeming reactive when your opponent is caging children, separating families and sending storm troopers into the Hispanic communities", said Glenn W. Smith, a longtime Democratic political operative and senior strategist to the nonprofit Progress Texas.

The case "presents important questions that warrant immediate appellate review and is another impractical attempt to disrupt and distract the President from his official duties", Laco said.

Trump appoints Stephanie Grisham new White House press secretary
The first lady tweeted Tuesday that she "can think of no better person to serve the Administration our country". Sanders praised the pick of her successor. "A lot of the folks in the media like her very much", he said.

Amid the ensuing outcry, the acting commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency, John Sanders, said on Tuesday he was resigning.

The same provisions that helped win over progressive Democrats were denounced by House Republicans as "poison pills". I don't think I've ever spoken to him, actually", Trump said "We have some very good people running [CBP] and I don't know anything about it. He was optimistic about a congressional solution to help USA officials at the border who say they are overwhelmed by the surge of migrants. The only four Democratic "no" votes came from some of the party's most left-leaning freshmen women: Reps. The president gave Congress a two-week timeline to "work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems" at the southern border or he'll resume deportation raids that he called off over the weekend.

"If not, Deportations start!"

The president had earlier warned that there would soon be a nationwide sweep aimed at "millions" of people living illegally in the US, including families.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan declined to put the case on hold and said the Democratic plaintiffs could begin to seek financial information, interviews and other records from the Trump Organization this week. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said Pelosi suggested a few changes but Schumer did not outline them.

"It is outside the circle of civilized human behavior, just kicking down doors, splitting up families and the rest of that in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border", she said.

So, when the House passed a $4.5 billion spending package on immigration, Trump and the GOP should be unhappy with all of their arbitrary conditions for how this money should be spent.

"I mean, my God, to threaten separating children from their parents as a bargaining chip?"

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