Published: Sun, June 23, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Senate Votes to Block $8.1 Billion in Arms Sales to Gulf Countries

Senate Votes to Block $8.1 Billion in Arms Sales to Gulf Countries

The first and second resolutions of disapproval handed by a margin of fifty three-forty five and a third vote, which covered a quantity of alternative resolutions pertaining to to the arms sale, handed by 51-forty five votes.

CAAT called on International Trade Secretary Liam Fox to reconsider the export licences in accordance with the correct legal approach.

Arguing that escalating aggression from Iran constituted a national emergency, Trump insisted that the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, one of America's strongest allies, was a matter of extreme urgency, giving him the authority to approve the sale without Congressional consent.

Germany stopped all arms sales to Saudi Arabia in response to the opposition columnist's killing and called on other European Union governments to follow suit. "Congress must ban all arms sales to the coalition and hold Saudi Arabia accountable for human rights abuses by passing the bipartisan Saudi Arabia Accountability and Yemen Act of 2019".

"The court's judgement puts scrutiny back on the UK's toothless arms export control regime, already one of the weakest in Europe". There is a horrifying roll call of human rights abuses and violations of worldwide humanitarian law perpetrated by the Saudi-UAE-led coalition, propped up by United Kingdom government military advisors, arms exports, and ongoing political and technical support.

But members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee have questioned this argument and spoken out against the human rights abuses being committed with US weapons, particularly in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

Addressing a press conference later, Mr Hook said Iran should respond to United States diplomacy with diplomacy, not military force.

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Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade told reporters on the steps of the court that billions of pounds-worth of fighter jets and bombs have been sold to the Saudis, which have helped create a "humanitarian catastrophe" in Yemen.

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., launched the measures, citing Saudi Arabia's function within the warfare in Yemen, the place a Saudi-led coalition has been engaged in a multi-year marketing campaign against Houthi rebels, usually with disastrous penalties for the civilian population.

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, said the vote was a reminder that Congress could not be ignored.

"This is the first time that a United Kingdom court has acknowledged the risks of continuing to lavish Saudi Arabia with military equipment for use in Yemen", she said.

Iran and Yemen are clearly not the only issue for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's state news agency also confirmed the conversation between the president and crown prince, which comes after a spate of attacks on shipping in Gulf waters, blamed on Iran.

"We must also question a system - and the priorities of government - that have allowed the continuing provision of arms in these circumstances".

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