Published: Mon, June 17, 2019
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Toyota learn how to turn off the engine

Toyota learn how to turn off the engine

The vehicle will automatically shut down a vehicle that has an engine running longer than an extended period of time.

Toyota doesn't say which of its cars will get these features, but we have a good idea based on the descriptions of them.

Toyota has announced plans to roll out two new safety features across its lineup, addressing concerns over carbon monoxide poisoning and rollaway accidents.

The second system is the Automatic Park. While Toyota already has visual and audible warnings that alert drivers that the vehicle is on or in gear, these features will go one step further, a statement by the company said.

Automatic engine shut off will turn off a auto after a pre-determined period of time in case the engine has been kept running.

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Toyota will begin to phase in Automatic Park, which is created to help reduce the risk of roll-away. This feature has been offered in the U.S. market since the early 2000s and is now very common on new cars.

The first of the two systems is called Automatic Park, which is pretty self-explanatory. This feature will not automatically park your auto, as you might think, but will put it in park if it detects the driver exiting the vehicle without doing so himself. Though, it only applies to Toyota products with an electronic shifter or electronic parking brake - which rules out current models like the 4Runner and Land Cruiser (both with traditional shifters), and 86 (with a traditional parking brake).

While it's unclear what vehicles these systems will end up in, odds are that Toyota will make mention of these systems as 2020 model-year vehicles are introduced.

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