Published: Fri, May 31, 2019
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

WHO Unanimously Votes to Recognize Gaming Disorder in ICD-11

WHO Unanimously Votes to Recognize Gaming Disorder in ICD-11

Despite the opposition, however, the World Health Organization says the decision to include gaming disorder was based on available evidence and reflected the consensus of experts.

If you are one of those people whose video game playing takes up their entire day, neglect to do routine things like eat and gets highly upset when you take an L you have a severe problem. "Gaming Disorder" will be added to the section on addictive disorders in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

Many people might find the above points relatable, however, there is a difference in having a gaming disorder and being obsessed with it.

Mental health is a hot topic of discussion for any professional organisation but little heed is paid when it comes to certain addictions that either cause one to work too much or "game" too much.

The committee will hold a press event Wednesday at the National Assembly to outline its upcoming moves against the World Health Organization decision.

"Hazardous gaming refers to a pattern of gaming, either online or offline, that appreciably increases the risk of harmful physical or mental health consequences to the individual or to others around this individual".

Park Seung-beom, director of Game Content Industry Division at the Culture Ministry, said Monday it would fight the World Health Organization decision, as pathologizing dependence on games "lacks reasonable scientific validation".

"Just like avid sports fans and consumers of all forms of engaging entertainment, gamers are passionate and dedicated with their time", the ESA-which lobbies on behalf of the video game industry to protect its interests-said in a statement.

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Gaming is becoming increasingly popular among children and adolescents.

Gaming disorder can impair personal, family, social, educational and/or occupational functioning.

The 11th and newest version of the ICD will come into effect in 2022.

In their review, they note that the question of whether researchers could differentiate depression and burnout was also a major obstacle in elevating burnout to a disease.

The American Psychiatric Association also says there is not enough evidence to classify gaming addiction as a unique mental disorder.

Even with their previous victories, WHO's decision to add Gaming Disorder will continue to be contested by the ESA.

According to Walker the next conversation should be with a medical professional to help confirm a diagnosis and determine how to treat the symptoms.

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