Published: Thu, May 23, 2019
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Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson subpoenaed by Jerrod Nadler, House Judiciary Committee

Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson subpoenaed by Jerrod Nadler, House Judiciary Committee

Pelosi spoke at the Capitol after a brief meeting with Trump at the White House.

Trump assailed Pelosi in particular for her comment earlier in the morning on Capitol Hill that she believed the president was engaged in a "cover up" of the Russian Federation probe.

"As I said earlier today, the Judiciary Committee's investigation into obstruction of justice, public corruption and abuse of power by President Trump and his Administration will continue".

Schumer said Trump complained about the Democrats' various investigations of his administration, to which Schumer said, "Investigations going on, hello".

Returning to Capitol Hill, Pelosi criticized Trump for abandoning infrastructure talks.

As she exited the meeting, Waters said, "All I can tell you is I'm for impeachment, I've always been, I've never changed my mind".

President Donald Trump told Democratic leaders in a letter Tuesday that he expects them to ratify his USMCA trade deal before they strike an agreement on infrastructure. She said she would be praying for the president. I want to do it more than you want to do it. "I know you truly mean it".

Despite the sudden turn of events, the outburst followed a familiar script of Trump convening leaders at the White House only to try to turn the tables and refocus attention. He has stormed out of previous sessions. "For some reason-maybe it was a lack of confidence on his part-he really couldn't comprehend the greatness of the challenge that we have....he just took a pass".

Trump has flatly rejected Democratic attempts to subpoena his tax records, and hear testimony from a former White House counsel who testified extensively to the special counsel who investigated Russia's interference in the 2016 USA elections.

FILE PHOTO: White House Counsel Don McGahn sits behind U.S. President Donald Trump as the president holds a cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, U.S. June 21, 2018.

Impeachment would need to be approved by two-thirds of the Democratic-controlled House, but it would stand virtually nil chance of passing the Republican-controlled Senate. It was planned. When we got in the room, the curtains were closed.

WASHINGTON:Democratic Party talk of impeachment intensified Tuesday after Donald Trump's former lawyer Don McGahn refused to testify about obstruction allegations against the U.S. president.

Trump, seeking re-election in 2020, is refusing to cooperate with many congressional probes into his administration, his family and his business interests.

It was as she emerged from this caucus meeting that Mrs Pelosi angered the president by suggesting to reporters that he was involved in a cover-up.

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Of leaders' reluctance, Cohen said "it's a political concern rather than an actual constitutional one".

He said his committee would meet on Tuesday morning and expected Mr McGahn to show up and testify.

Now demands for impeachment among Democrats are growing louder. "Too bad! The greatest Hoax in American History". Rank-and-file Democrats had increasingly warned party leaders that opening an impeachment inquiry was "inevitable," while Pelosi and other top Democrats pushed back on such calls.

But South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, the No. 3 Democrat in the House, counseled caution.

Pascrell has been a Pelosi critic, but he said, "On this one I think she's absolutely correct; the methodical approach".

Trump then headed to the Rose Garden, where reporters had gathered with little advance notice.

CBS News' Rebecca Kaplan reports there's acknowledgment - even from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - that formally opening an impeachment inquiry could strengthen Democrats' argument in their court fight with the president because it would enable Democrats to declare that they have a legitimate and specific legislative objective, rather than broad oversight.

Still, Democrats are continuing to escalate their requests for information.

Mr Nadler said the committee would vote to hold Mr McGahn in contempt, and take the issue to court.

The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday issued subpoenas to former White House officials Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson for documents and testimony, setting the stage for another clash with the White House over former officials appearing before Congress.

McGahn was a key witness in Robert Mueller's report, and Democrats believe he offered the most damaging evidence against the president.

On Monday, a federal judge in Washington ruled against the president in a similar case, finding that Trump's accounting firm, Mazars LLP, must comply with a congressional subpoena for Trump's financial records.

Nevertheless, Pelosi appears to have quieted the "impeachment now!" mini-revolt that appeared in her caucus over the last couple of weeks.

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