Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

John Wick Arrives In Fortnite: Skin, LTM, Challenges, And More Out Now

John Wick Arrives In Fortnite: Skin, LTM, Challenges, And More Out Now

The world-famous hitman has come to Fortnite.

John Wick's Legendary set comes with the character in two variants, default and damaged. Following the v9.01 patch, it looks like John Wick will be taking some time out from his normal day to shoot Gundam chickens and fast food mascots.

John Wick's one-man war has once again taken him to Fortnite's island, this time accompanied by a new temporary mode, Wick's Bounty, free rewards and a skin and sledgehammer set that you can buy in the shop. Additionally, Lucas7Yoshi also provided Wick's Bounty Challenges that are going to be part of the LTM. As for the new mode revolving around the assassin, players will start the game with a limited number of gold coins, whose number can be increased by killing other players.

The trailer, which shows off the new John Wick skin, pokes fun at Fortnite's Reaper skin from season three, which is based on John Wick but not as accurate to Keanu Reeves' facial features as the new, official version. That game mode is called Wick's Bounty, and by playing it, you have the opportunity to unlock some items inspired by the movie.

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Furthermore, another leaker has also stated that another John Wick character will be coming during this supposed event.

As for the items, players can complete weekly challenges to earn rewards such as more gold tokens, one shot glider, and the "Boogeyman Wrap" among other items.

With John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum releasing in theaters this Friday, it only makes sense that Epic Games would have some crossover planned.

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