Published: Mon, May 13, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Jews Prefer Joe Biden Over Bernie Sanders

Jews Prefer Joe Biden Over Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is sowing fear at the USA border with Mexico, not delivering solutions, after another month when about 100,000 immigrants were arrested trying to enter the country illegally.

But Biden dismissed these concerns and said most border-crossers were now actively seeking asylum while taking advantage of "catch and release" legal loopholes.

The former vice president said he called Hill last month to express his regret for his conduct at the proceedings. The latest poll, published this week, shows Biden with a 46-14 lead.

Since Biden announced his bid, he has been leading most polls as the frontrunner, with nearly two or three times the support as Sanders, his next-closest rival.

Bolstered by a number of early endorsements, Biden will become the 21st presidential candidate to visit the New Hampshire. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) with 8 percent, and Harris with 7 percent. To pay for those programs, the candidates have focused on taxing the rich. In the Monmouth poll, Biden has strong support from voters 65 and older (53%) while Sanders is at 9%. Sanders does better with younger voters, leading Biden 27 to 20 among those under the age of 50.

Trump's inner circle frustrated by son's subpoena
Trump also said that he would leave whether Mueller would be allowed to testify to Congress up to Attorney General William Barr. Burr "get the memo?" As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the other day, "the case is closed".

"Just over two weeks into Mr. Biden's candidacy, the most notable feature of his campaign may be what hasn't happened: He has not blurted anything out that delights his rivals, horrifies his aides and reinforces his image as 'Uncle Joe, ' America's there-he-goes-again relative who makes you smile and wince in equal measure", reported The New York Times. Sanders leads among self-described liberals.

Reuters speculated that Biden's approach would "likely face heavy resistance from green activists", and that was confirmed Friday by a chorus of opposition from groups who argued the plan is the opposite of the kind urgent and bold action needed to avert planetary catastrophe. Just 21 percent said it is not important at all.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Sixty-eight percent of voters said they want to nominate someone who can beat Trump, even if they disagree with the candidate on the issues. Over 40 percent of voters in New Hampshire are undeclared, giving them the option of voting for the Democratic or Republican ticket in February's primary election.

In a recent rally in Iowa, Biden said he was "one of the first guys to introduce a climate change bill, way, way back in 87", a reference to his successful attempt to get President Ronald Reagan to set up a taskforce on the issue. Undoubtedly, Biden will criticize Tramp's economic policy in the field of foreign trade in the 2010 presidential election race.

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