Published: Fri, May 10, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

White House tells former counsel not to comply

White House tells former counsel not to comply

'The records remain subject to the control of the White House for all purposes...'

Nadler said that President Donald Trump had refused to hand over a single sheet of paper that has been requested, and the president has declared publicly that the executive branch will resist all subpoenas.

Nadler responded late in the day with a letter to McGahn's personal attorney, noting the White House had not invoked executive privilege over the documents and that the Judiciary Committee still expected McGahn to comply with its subpoena.

"Top Dems Now Have Access to All But Two Full, Seven Partial Lines of Mueller's Obstruction Report. but it's never been about access; it's about projecting illusion of cover-up", McCarthy tweeted.

Basically, the White House and Trump's lawyers are arguing, essentially, that Democrats are on a fishing expedition and that these requests don't serve the legislative process. He says the committee should direct its request to the White House. "We are not going to allow the president and administration to stonewall sufficiently to run out the clock so they can avoid accountability and avoid us getting to the full truth of this case", Representative David Cicilline, a Democrat, told reporters on Wednesday.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from NY, sent a letter on Tuesday to former White House counsel Don McGahn's lawyer William Burck.

McGahn, who left his post as White House counsel previous year, was directed not to produce White House records related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation inquiry that are being sought by the House panel, said Pat Cipollone, the current White House counsel.

She also said the House will take up a contempt resolution against Attorney General William Barr that cleared the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

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Senate GOP Minority Leader John Flanagan, speaking earlier in the week, said the bill to make it easier to obtain Trump's taxes is a "blatantly political act".

White House officials say they have directed former White House counsel Don McGahn not to cooperate with a House investigation. This vote comes after Barr's contentious appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, and his skipping of scheduled testimony for the House Judiciary the next day.

If the contempt resolution is approved by the full House, where the Democrats hold a solid majority, it would nearly certainly move to an unusual, and potentially protracted, multi-pronged court battle with the Trump administration. Democrats will not be satisfied with anything short of removing Trump.

Joining me now, Congressman Jerry Nadler of NY, he's a chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Unless and until members of Congress get to see Mueller's report, not Barr's version of it, there'll be real questions about what the attorney general blacked out of the document.

"This administration wants to have a constitutional crisis because they do not respect the oath of office that they take to protect and defend the Constitution, support the constitution of the United States", she said. "Barr, McConnell, Trump - they are here because they are anti-governance".

Democrats have grappled with how to respond to Trump in the wake of the Mueller report, with leadership tamping down impeachment calls from more progressive, newer members, saying the correct path is to first see where congressional investigations lead them.

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