Published: Fri, May 10, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google Pixel 3a vs Google Pixel 3: How the two compare

Google Pixel 3a vs Google Pixel 3: How the two compare

Trading that into Google for a Pixel 3A, choosing that "other" tab will get you $250, a net savings of roughly $125 (not including taxes), giving those who don't have an iPhone to trade an easy way to buy one and save on a new Pixel. Somehow Google managed to find room in the Pixel 3a for the audio jack, despite the phone having nearly identical height, width, and thickness as with the Pixel 3. Both the devices will be available in black, white, and purple. As Google continues to straddle the line between self-managed ecosystem and open federated platform, negotiating a path forward where features could be added and changed without a full system update, or something like the Stagefright vulnerability could be instantly patched on every phone, is a massive accomplishment. Both the devices also miss out on IP ratings but do come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is likely that Android Q will be required, which means that the rollout could be limited by how quickly Google's partners can update their current or future phones. Google Maps AR feature was announced a year ago, but the company wasn't satisfied with the performance. The phones that support Android Q beta today will probably be among the first ones to run Google's first official Android Q release.

Google undoubtedly is one of the strongest forces on the planet when it comes to Machine Learning, and its applications for the common user.

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Want to see more from Google I/O? Once you have downloaded the ZIP file for your device, you will need to copy it to your phone storage.

Federated Learning does not collect raw data from consumer devices. Making our lives more comfortable, while simultaneously increasing concerns over privacy and data. The Qualcomm processor, for instance, let us browse the web, watch YouTube videos, and make voice commands with the Google Assistant, all without any noticeable slowdown. All much faster than before. Think of it like clearing cookies on your browser just with a lot more data than you might be aware is being collected. Announcing to you that these companies are starting to take your privacy seriously, if only after the past years angry wave of privacy scandals. While it may seem so, the Pixel 3a is not part of any commercial soak test and Google will extend its lineup of affordable devices further.

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