Published: Thu, May 09, 2019
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4 biggest takeaways from Google's 2019 Developer Conference

4 biggest takeaways from Google's 2019 Developer Conference

If you couldn't watch the conference live, then here's a round-up of everything Google announced at I/O today.

Google announced new privacy tools Tuesday meant to give people more control over how they're being tracked on the go or in their own home, part of a broader effort by big tech companies to counter increasing scrutiny of their data collection practices. Presumably, because it's a desirable feature, Google is assuming the majority will want to be on the inside.

The new privacy control called "Incognito" is being offered by Google as tech companies face intensifying scrutiny over the amount of user information they collect and sell for advertising.

That's because the United Kingdom network is giving people who pick up one of the two new handsets on a 24-month contract a completely free Google Home Hub smart screen and speaker worth £119. The larger Pixel 3a XL has a 6-inch screen and costs $479.

When you squeeze the sides of the 3a, the Google Assistant wakes up. Another thing that shocked me is that Google will be putting a greater significance to an application or game's most recent ratings.

Google also demonstrated a pretty smart gesture feature, taking advantage of the camera to let you raise your hand to instantly pause whatever's playing instead of screaming over it.

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The Pixel 3a and 3a XL will be unlocked and compatible with all major carriers if you purchase them from Google.

While the Pixel 3 launched last October for £739 (it's now only £489, mind you), the Pixel 3a launches at just £399.

Google undoubtedly is one of the strongest forces on the planet when it comes to Machine Learning, and its applications for the common user. With free, unlimited storage through Google Photos** and its adaptive battery that delivers 7 hours of use on just a 15-minute charge***, you can take pictures all day long. The device will stop that particular OS component, apply the update, and restart the component without having to shut down the entire OS -and inherently the user's device.

Once a security update is available, Google says it will push the update to all devices that support this mechanism. Since the Pixel 3a follows the same blueprint that the Pixel 3 did, is it possible that this year's Pixel 4 will be much more differentiated?

Alas, wireless charging has (understandably) been dropped from the 3a and XL, as the all-glass design has been replaced by a more cost-effective polycarbonate chassis on both phones - which is now available in a new color, Purple-ish, in addition to the standard Clearly White and Just Black.

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