Published: Wed, May 08, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google unveils new design for Android Auto

Google unveils new design for Android Auto

Security update were already getting special treatment, with manufacturers having to release them each month, but now the Android maker is looking to streamline the procedure by making it better, faster and more convenient. Dieter Bohn visited Google for an exclusive first look at these new features and Google's new way to deliver critical security updates, Project Mainline.

The new notification centre would display recent messages and calls at an accessable spot on the screen. The company also improved port forwarding, something that Google says will enable developers to run a web server via Linux while debugging at the same time. The navigation app of choice also remains active.

Low-level changes. Android Q is also bringing a long list of low-level changes and improvements to the platform, including Improved peer-to-peer and internet connectivity, Wi-Fi performance modes, full support for Wi-Fi RTT accurate indoor positioning, audio playback capture, dynamic depth for photos, and much, much more.

Now the navigation bar has static buttons to jump to mapping, phone, home, audio and exit screens.

This is another feature we've been waiting on, so Android Q continues to deliver the goods. You can also now tell Android to only allow an app to access your location while it is in use (like on iOS). When you are done, you can resume all other apps.

Michael Owen mistakenly predicts a Barcelona v Liverpool Champions League final
The Merseyside outfit suffered a heavy loss to the La Liga champions following goals from Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi . Virgil van Dijk expects a "different challenge" at St James' Park to the one they came up against at the Camp Nou .

To go along with last year's intro of Digital Wellbeing, Google announced Focus Mode for Android Q and Android Pie. Allow us to introduce you to Google Assistant's driving mode.

Google says multiple foldable phones are launching this year, and it showed off how screen continuity - where an app adapting to different screen dimensions as you unfold or fold the device.

With the music open, you'll get turn-by-turn information in the bottom bar. Unsurprisingly, Q will also come with 5G support built-in.

I've tested the first two Android Q betas on my Google Pixel 2 XL-Beta 1 arrived in March, while Beta 2 landed in April-but I've since moved on to the Pixel 3 XL, so I have a decision to make.

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