Published: Tue, May 07, 2019
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Avengers blast past Titanic to all-time No. 2

Avengers blast past Titanic to all-time No. 2

Washington D.C.: It turned out to be a beatific weekend for "Avengers: Endgame" as it crossed the Dollars 2 billion mark on the second weekend after its release on April 26.

The movie's sights are now set on taking down the all-time box office leaders: domestically it's "The Force Awakens" with $936.6 million and worldwide it's "Avatar" with $2.8 billion (not counting inflation for either). Dergarabedian said the film "continues to engender both enthusiasm and love from audiences around the globe" who have been captivated the "story, the characters and the significance" of the Avengers' epic finale.

The real surprise would be if Endgame made less than the gross national product of at least 12 countries. For its second weekend, Endgame merely took in approximately 76% of the overall total. Even its 59% drop is notable considering how front-loaded it was.

April Showers Means More Jobs for the Economy
Unemployment in the United States fell to its lowest level in almost 50 years last month, while earnings continued to grow. It followed on the heels of another ISM survey this week showing factory activity hitting a 2-1/2-year low last month.

And according to box office analyst Wade Holden, Avengers Endgame will manage this. A very good multiplier is any figure higher than two - that means that the film has beaten the box office fatigue that sees attendance quickly drop off after the first week.

Far back in cash register receipts, and in second place, was Sony's The Intruder which brought in an estimated $11 million. But word-of-mouth could also help propel "Long Shot" to profits ultimately. It does, however, still have a China release later this summer. Avatar is now at $2.788 billion to Endgame's near $2.2 billion.

The movie, whose core was in America, surprisingly has earned just 28% of its global collections from North America. Where available, the latest worldwide numbers for Friday through Sunday are also included.

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