Published: Mon, May 06, 2019
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$4.5B in border funding sought

$4.5B in border funding sought

The ACLU, American Immigration Council (AIC) and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project filed a legal challenge on Thursday over the policy in US district court in Seattle, accusing the Trump administration of violating the Constitution by seeking to bar asylum seekers from asking a judge to grant them bond.

"Forensic documentation carried out by the nonpartisan clinical experts in Physicians for Human Rights' volunteer Asylum Network over the past 30 years has shown that asylum officers and judges who have the appropriate expertise to assess trauma and persecution are critical to ensuring that asylum claims are evaluated fairly", said Kathryn Hampton, who coordinates Physicians for Human Rights' Asylum Network program.

"I am pleased to inform all of those that believe in a strong, fair and sound Immigration Policy that Mark Morgan will be joining the Trump Administration as the head of our hard working men and women of ICE", Trump wrote on Twitter. Most, if not all. of the million-plus illegal immigrants who have arrived at the border in the first quarter of 2019 have been asylum seekers - often appearing at official border crossings as part of a so-called "migrant caravan" from Honduras, Guatemala, or El Salvador, and often as part of a family.

The practice of blood testing asylum seekers will deter false family asylum cases, or so the Trump administration hopes.


CBS News confirms the Department of Homeland Security will begin unprecedented DNA testing at the border with Mexico as soon as next week. The immigration court has a massive backlog of about 1 million cases. They are also calling on officials to immediately revoke work authorizations when people are denied asylum and deported from the country.

The current asylum system isn't ideal; there are many migrants whose true basis for leaving their home countries is to escape desperate poverty - not, say, religious or political persecution.

The request doesn't seek more funding for the wall, according to a document obtained by Bloomberg News.

Europeans concern as USA lets Iran oil trade wavers expire
Last week, it said it would stop waivers for countries buying Iranian oil, in an attempt to push Iran's oil exports to zero.

Homan suggested that ICE needs to conduct a "national operation" to deal with family units now arriving at the US southern border- 90 percent of whom, he said, lose their asylum cases. The memo also directs them to ensure that asylum applications are settled within 180 days of being filed, a process that now takes months, if not years.

The Trump administration has said people are gaming the legal system in order to stay in the country. You know, before you'd get separated so people would say let's not go up.

The September 2017 lawsuit, Alasaad v. McAleenan, filed in U.S. District Court in Boston, involves 10 U.S. citizens and one permanent resident who say that in recent years they were subjected to unlawful searches of their smartphones while returning home.

Trump has promised to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border but a physical barrier would have little effect on migrants who turn themselves in to officials.

"This is yet another example of government using generalized security interests to conduct increasingly intrusive measures into the privacy and civil rights of individuals who are seeking asylum at the border", Stephen Kang, a detention attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union's Immigrants' Rights Project, said.

By changing the rules for asylum screenings the government "is erecting an invisible wall", for those seeking protection, said Dree Collopy, an immigration attorney at a Washington, D.C. -based law firm.

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