Published: Sat, April 20, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Journalist shot dead in Northern Ireland rioting, New IRA probably responsible

Journalist shot dead in Northern Ireland rioting, New IRA probably responsible

The P.S.N.I. has released C.C.T.V. footage which shows the moments before journalist Lyra McKee was shot dead by a gunman in Derry on Thursday evening. Fire from petrol bombs can be seen in a photo she posted as clashes between security forces and nationalists turned into chaotic violence.

McKee was an editor at Mediagazer, and contributed to the Atlantic as well as BuzzFeed News.

McKee, 29, was one of Belfast's most admired and dynamic young journalists, already a successful investigative reporter and author.

It came amid riots in Derry, with McKee later dying in hospital.

Yet here we are, 25 years on from the ceasefires and more than two decades from the Good Friday agreement, and in another city of the United Kingdom, albeit at the edge of the union, a colleague is killed by paramilitaries, this time Irish republican dissidents, who are intent on killing police officers.

Sky's senior Ireland correspondent David Blevins said tensions had been building in Creggan in the run-up to Easter, when republicans mark the anniversary of the 1916 uprising against British rule in Ireland.

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"We certainly believe there was more than one person who was involved in this last night".

The funds will go McKee's family, for funeral costs and "to decide her legacy".

Assistant Chief Constable for District Policing Mark Hamilton said: "Lyra McKee was murdered during orchestrated violence". "These acts of violence are bringing nothing to this city, all they are doing is bringing misery to one family, but also particularly to this city and also to our broader province".

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Prime Minister Theresa May said: "The death of Lyra McKee in last night's suspected terrorist incident in Londonderry is shocking and truly senseless".

In that moment "you will feel like a prisoner who has been given their freedom", she says.

"We have been reading about the huge impact Lyra had on so many within Northern Irelands LGBT community, including supporting people in coming out and using her own coming-out story to empower others to live as their most authentic selves".

"Their fight is with all of us, the people of Ireland, and it is a fight that they will never win".

McKee had recently signed a contract to write two books.

"Their intolerable actions are rejected by the overwhelming majority of people who want to build a peaceful and more prosperous future for everyone in Northern Ireland", according to the Financial Times. "I can't imagine life without her, and yet now I must".

"Of course what happened last night is nothing new. - the use of violence by republicans in Northern Ireland is something we have been plagued by for generations".

Detective Superintendent Jason Murphy, who is leading the investigation into Ms. McKee's killing, said, via the Derry Journal: "Lyra's death is senseless and appalling beyond belief".

A burning auto in Creggan, Londonderry after petrol bombs were thrown at police.

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