Published: Fri, April 19, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Dog found swimming 220 km off the coast of Thailand

Dog found swimming 220 km off the coast of Thailand

The dog continued to hold on for dear life, watching the workers as they figured out how to get the animal safely on board.

"Finally, we chose to tie a rope around his neck and pull him to our site", Vitisak wrote.

Vitisak speculated the dog might have fallen off a fishing trawler, and dubbed it "Boon Rod, ' or 'Survivor".

The dog found swimming around 135 miles from the shore. Chevron Thailand worker Vitisak Payalaw posted on Facebook that the dog was sighted last Friday swimming toward the platform. If the waves had been strong, we wouldn't have seen him.

At first, the aspin was drained and listless, exhausted from being in the water for so long.

"He likely lost a lot of body water from the sea water". The dog soon perked up and started to sit up and walk normally, he said.

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Boonrod was lifted by crane on to an oil vessel that was passing through the area on Sunday to be transported to a veterinary practice in southern Thailand.

He was then returned to dry land on Monday, and taken in by animal charity Watchdog Thailand.

"The boat arrived at 10am and the dog was in good spirits", the charity said.

"Everybody who played a part in co-coordinating the rescue has done a brilliant job".

After giving the dog some food and water, they made a decision to christen it Boonrod, a Thai word which roughly translates as "the saved one" or "survivor". "She has a lot of energy", he added. We still don't know how he was in the water 220km from the shore. "We took her to the vets to be checked and she was found to be healthy".

"I hope to adopt him as a pet. I am looking forward to spending many happy years together with her".

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