Published: Thu, April 18, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit screens are already breaking

Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit screens are already breaking

With very strong Gorilla Glass screen coverings, we've gotten used to being pretty rough on phones - and the Fold just isn't going to be able to take that much abuse.

Bloomberg's Mark Gruman tweeted on Wednesday that the interior, folding screen of his Galaxy Fold review unit was "completely broken and unusable" after two days. The Verge'sDieter Bohn reports that the folding display on his Galaxy Fold review unit failed after being in his possession for 24 hours. "Hard to know if this is widespread or not".

"The phone comes with this protective layer/film". So, you probably shouldn't take that layer off if you're buying a Galaxy Fold - there's a warning on the wrap that urges you to leave the film in place. "I believe this contributed to the problem".

Samsung does mention this in the manual for the Galaxy Fold: "The main screen includes a special protective layer". Turned out it was NOT a screen protector, and... this happened. Do NOT remove it. "There is a very small tear at the top part of the hinge and after I poked at it, the screen got worse". "Started over with a replacement".

Consumers who pre-book can purchase Samsung U Flex, a premium Bluetooth device worth Rs 3,799 for Rs 999 only, the company said in a statement.

CNET has been handling and reviewing the Galaxy Fold since Monday but hasn't experienced any such screen issues.

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So the $2,000 Galaxy Fold has been in the hands of press for a day or two and is breaking.

But Dieter Bohn, executive editor of technology news site The Verge, says he left that layer on and his screen still broke. This bulge is causing the OLED panel to distort and you can see the lines on the display meeting at the bulge. Last night, for example, just over half of the display was unusable, but now only a small area of the panel along the right side continues to work.

Given that the phone costs so much, it's absolutely insane to see so many major problems spring up in the days before its public release. The "problem" Gurman is referring to is his totally dead Galaxy Fold display.

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee said his Galaxy Fold's screen died after he, too, tried to peel off the screen film. After picking at the layout a bit, Brownlee says "the display spazzed and blacked out".

The device is out of stock on Samsung's website, and the company told people who reserved one of the foldable phones (but didn't commit to the pre-order) they can't buy the Galaxy Fold "due to overwhelming demand".

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