Published: Fri, April 12, 2019
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Mueller report: the endless wait is nearly over

Mueller report: the endless wait is nearly over

His statements further inflamed Democrats already frustrated by Barr's handling of the Mueller report, including his release of a four-page summary letter last month that they say paints the special counsel's findings in an overly favourable way for the president. The inquiry is separate from the Justice Department's inspector general probe on the matter, a source told Bloomberg News.

Attorney General William Barr has assembled a team to review controversial counterintelligence decisions made by Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation officials, including actions taken during the probe of the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Barr apparently made reference to the team Tuesday while testifying before Congress.

"I think he understands the role of the attorney general is not as a lawyer for the president", Budd added, "but as a lawyer for the people of the United States". Justice Department officials are scouring the almost 400-page document to remove grand jury information and details relating to pending investigations, among other materials. Democrats have expressed concern that his version will hide wrongdoing by the president and are frustrated by the four-page summary letter he released last month that they say paints Mueller's findings in an overly favorable way for the president.

Barr said in the summary that Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice and instead presented evidence on both sides of the question. Barr reconfirmed that the Office of the Inspector General has an ongoing investigation of the FISA process in the Russian Federation investigation and that the IG would complete this investigation in "May or June". In a March interview with Fox News, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham said that, "Once we put the Mueller report to bed, once Barr comes to the committee and takes questions about his findings and his actions, and we get to see the Mueller report, consistent with law, then we are going to turn to finding out how this got off the rails".

LUCAS: Well, remember. Barr said that he wants to be as transparent as possible consistent with the law. After his appearance before the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, there can no doubt left that Barr is very good at his job.

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Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, announced last week he was sending eight criminal referrals to Barr regarding abuses committed by the FBI and DoJ during the Russiagate investigation - including three that involve efforts to mislead and abuse the FISA courts.

On Aug. 29, 1991, William Barr had a decision to make.

At the White House on Wednesday, Trump repeated his claim that the investigation was illegal. NPR justice reporter Ryan Lucas joins me now.

The FBI's ultimately successful warrant application to surveil Page, which relied in part on information from British ex-spy Christopher Steele - whose anti-Trump views are now well-documented - cited Page's suspected Russian Federation ties.

Trump has said he will not use a legal doctrine called executive privilege, which allows a president to withhold information about internal executive branch deliberations from other branches of government, to block portions of the report.

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