Published: Thu, April 11, 2019
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Tory Lawmakers Plan Mass Resignation if Brexit Delayed for Too Long

Tory Lawmakers Plan Mass Resignation if Brexit Delayed for Too Long

But leading Conservative Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg on Sunday slammed May's move to include Labour in the Brexit talks, and blamed her for failing to take Britain out of the European Union already.

May has been seeking to cooperate with the opposition Labour party to get enough votes in parliament to break the impasse and ratify the deal which would secure an orderly exit from the bloc.

The embattled leader opened negotiations this week with the Labour Party in a bid to end months of political crisis over her divorce deal struck with European leaders a year ago but repeatedly rejected by MPs.

"We have no choice but to reach out across the House of Commons", the PM said, insisting the two main parties agreed on the need to protect jobs and end free movement.

"They've made the calculation that it's better to ask and be told "no" than to ask for something that annoys the party".

Britain is now due to leave the European Union in a week, but May has been forced to seek more time after Britain's parliament repeatedly rejected her withdrawal agreement.

EU Economy Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said a "no-deal" Brexit would mean long lines at borders and paperwork headaches for customs checks on the 11,000 vehicles entering and leaving Britain each day.

Now, May has called in Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, for talks on a way forward in the hope that a joint agreement will be passed by Parliament.

Mr Raab, who resigned from Cabinet previous year because of Mrs May's deal, added: "Labour's antics are designed not to deliver a Brexit faithful to the referendum, but to create chaos - which Mr Corbyn wants to exploit to seize power".

The alternative of a no-deal Brexit threatens huge disruptions to trade and travel, with tariffs and customs checks causing gridlock at British ports and possible shortages of goods in the United Kingdom. May has asked for a new delay until June 30.

"My intention is to reach an agreement with my fellow European Union leaders that will mean if we can agree a deal here at home, we can leave the European Union in just six weeks", she said.

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The document declares mutual ambitions in areas such as trade, regulations, security and fishing rights - but does not legally commit either party.

The government was "prepared to pursue changes to the political declaration in order to deliver a deal that is acceptable to both sides", he added.

But speaking later on the same show, Leadsom indicated that it was up to Labour to accept the customs "arrangement" already in May's three-times-rejected deal, and that she and other Brexiter members of May's ministerial team could not accept a full customs union.

However, Downing Street has described the prospect as "speculation".

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Conservative activists are refusing to campaign for the party and donations have "dried up" because of Mrs May's leadership. May said in comments released by her Downing Street office.

But leading Conservative Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg on Sunday slammed Ms. If May can gain Corbyn's support, he could shift the parliamentary math in her favor and a deal could likely be agreed.

BBC political correspondent Jonathan Blake said the government would not be drawn on what it was willing to offer Labour. The House of Commons on Wednesday approved a bill to ensure May can't go back on her promise to seek a delay to Brexit rather than let Britain tumble out of the bloc.

Chancellor Philip Hammond, a senior member of May's Cabinet, said Parliament should vote on whether to hold a second referendum - a position previously ruled out by May.

However, Labour is split on the subject, with a letter signed by 25 Labour MPs on Thursday arguing the opposite.

By sticking to her strategy of holding talks with Corbyn, May is risking a civil war in her own party.

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