Published: Thu, April 11, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Blizzards and gales threaten central US with floods

Blizzards and gales threaten central US with floods

The NWS advises that travel could be hard or impossible for those in the warning areas on Wednesday and Thursday.

Flights and baseball are being cancelled ahead of a looming spring blizzard in the Rockies.

Because most of the U.S. Plains, High Plains, and Upper Midwest winter snow has melted, a major factor for the current storms is how fast this current snow will melt. Low pressure makes for intense storms, so a bomb cyclone is a system that's built up a significant amount strength in a short length of time. A portion of southwestern Minnesota, extending northward to Stearns County, is under a blizzard warning from 7 p.m. Wednesday through 7 a.m. Friday.

According to CBS Denver, the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for the counties of South Larimer, Arapahoe, Adams, Southwest Weld, Elbert, Douglas, Broomfield and Denver counties for Wednesday.

Winter storm warnings were issues across multiple states, including Montana, Wyoming and Utah. Duluth will only see an inch of snow or less overnight, according to the Weather Service. The European model has sustained winds of 20 - 30mph over the plains Wednesday night, with gusts upwards of 50mph.

Although it's springtime, winter weather isn't entirely unusual in April.

As it stands now, we will begin to see the first band of precipitation work up into the area through Wednesday afternoon.

"Warm today. Snow tomorrow", says the NWS office in Denver and Boulder, Colo.

Large hail, damaging winds and perhaps a tornado are likely with some of the storms.

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Meantime, parts of South Dakota could get 30 inches of snow.

Although summer and winter weather experienced in such a short time span might seem extremely unusual to many of us, for Colorado residents, it's just a normal part of living in the Centennial State.

Winds likely to gust between 40 and 50 miles per hour on Thursday creating potential blizzard conditions.

The coming storm was expected to exacerbate flooding along the Missouri River in areas where dozens of levees were breached in March, exposing communities to future surges.

Experts have to say that snow will be heavy and wet in nature, making it hard to remove from driveways and sidewalks.

"But, this may be more of a plastering effect with heavy, wet snow that is hard to shovel and plow".

The Weather Prediction Center also warned that, further south behind the snowstorm, there is an "extreme" risk of fire.

Nebraska is not expecting a repeat of the catastrophic flooding it experienced last month because the ground is no longer frozen and ice has melted from the rivers, though there might be localized flooding across the state, said weather service meteorologist Van DeWald in Omaha.

Even if this storm doesn't become a bomb cyclone, it's still going to be extremely powerful.

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