Published: Sun, April 07, 2019
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Venezuela: Lawmakers Strip Guaidó of Parliamentary Immunity

Venezuela: Lawmakers Strip Guaidó of Parliamentary Immunity

Washington issued a warning after two Russian military aircraft landed next to Caracas with hundreds of military personnel described by the Kremlin as military specialists.

Major power outages continued across the country later in March, with Caracas stressing that the country's power system had suffered several attacks. It's been about a month since her last contact with him, she said.

"This Wednesday, children resume, with much love and enthusiasm", Youth Minister Pedro Infante wrote on Twitter.

With no electricity, pumping stations can't work, so water service is limited. It has introduced hash economic sanctions against the struggling country, preventing it from importing food and medical supplies.

Guaido, the speaker of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, declared himself interim president in January as Venezuela's economic and political crisis plunged new depths - a move recognised by more than 50 countries, including many from the EU.

Washington, which backs Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, issued the warning after two Russian air force planes carrying almost 100 military personnel landed outside Caracas, a contingent the Kremlin described as military specialists.

Venezuela's Opposition Leader Stripped Of Immunity, Could Face Prosecution
Guaido because as a legislator he has parliamentary immunity that makes it more hard for him to be tried than the average citizen. Officials jailed his chief of staff, Roberto Marrero, accused of involvement in a "terrorist" scheme to overthrow the government.

The Venezuelan government has stripped president Nicolas Maduro's rival Juan Guaido of his parliamentary immunity, opening the door for his possible arrest and prosecution.

Interim President Juan Guaido and Venezuela's National Assembly are prioritizing the need for immediate worldwide humanitarian assistance.

"[Guaido's prosecution] is officially authorized", Cabello, who is also Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's right-hand man, said following the Constituent Assembly vote.

"These acts undermine a political way out of the crisis and only lead to further polarisation and escalation of tensions in the country".

"The federal government condemns the withdrawal of Juan Guaido's immunity by the so-called Constituent Assembly". The move was "akin to tripwire" against US intervention in Venezuela, said Washington Institute fellow Soner Cagaptay.

On Capitol Hill, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators introduced legislation to authorize $400 million in humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

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