Published: Fri, April 05, 2019
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Trump gives Mexico one year to fix situation at border

Trump gives Mexico one year to fix situation at border

Trump has taken a step back from his threat to close the border to fight illegal immigration, as pressure mounted from companies anxious that a shutdown would cause chaos to supply chains. At another point, he said, "If the drugs don't stop, we'll tariff the cars".

The move comes weeks after President Trump declared a "national emergency" along the US-Mexico border; effectively bypassing Congress to secure funding for his long-promised border wall.

Democrats are continuing to explore ways to undo Trump's border emergency declaration, which he intends to use to shift tens of billions of dollars from other congressionally funded projects to build his border wall.

"The House will once again defend our Democracy and our Constitution, this time in the courts", Pelosi said in a statement.

Later on Thursday, a top Mexican trade official said that the trade agreement between Mexico, Canada and the USA was firm on the vehicle industry and not under threat.

Responding to Trump's threats, Nielsen rushed home late Monday night from Europe, where she was attending G7 security meetings and meant to fly to the border mid-week to assess the impact of changes already made, including reassigning some 2,000 border officers assigned to check vehicles to deal with migrant crowds and new efforts to return more asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait out their case.

Looming US Avocado Crisis Dismays Twitter Amid Washington-Mexico Border Row
If the worst does happen, Dziczek jokes she does have one consolation, a stockpile of tequila that can last for a while. It said it would provide transport back to Central American countries, Cuba, and Haiti, on a voluntary basis.

President Trump on Thursday backed down from his threat to close the southern border immediately, telling reporters at the White House that he is giving Mexico a "one-year warning" before taking action.

While Trump on Tuesday did not back off the idea completely, he said he was pleased with steps Mexico had taken in recent days and renewed his calls for Congress to make changes he contends would solve the problem. Instead, he said he'll give Mexico a "one-year warning" to curb the flow of drugs into the U.S. If the Mexican government failed to do this, he would implement punishments. He continued doing so even after he was spotted by Border Patrol agents, who warned him not to continue to force the young boy through the sharp wire.

Trump plans to visit the border at Calexico, California, on Friday.

Jesus Seade, the Mexican undersecretary for North America, would not comment on Trump's remarks about possible tarriffs and said the trade agreement was separate from immigration issues.

Fearing that a border lockdown would prevent Mexico from shipping the 80 percent of avocados that the United States consumes, processors and wholesalers have started stockpiling the prized fruit used in guacamole or as spread on toast.

Autoparts and medical equipment makers were among the companies considering the more expensive air cargo to avoid incurring penalties for late delivery to USA clients, or factory closures, Luis Aguirre, the president of Mexico's manufacturing industry chamber INDEX, said late on Wednesday.

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