Published: Tue, April 02, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Valve Index virtual reality headset to take on Oculus, Sony

Valve Index virtual reality headset to take on Oculus, Sony

Given the spectacular failure of its microtransaction-laden card game Artifact (seriously, who didn't see that coming?) and Epic stealing big game titles away from Valve's online game store Steam, the company is on rocky grounds right now. It looks very much like a new VR headset, and it matches with a set of leaks and trademark filings we began to see late previous year. The only things on the teaser site is an image of the headset and a tagline that reads "Upgrade your experience".

Design wise, the Valve Index appears to be the same as the HTC Vive at first sight.

Hopefully, the Index is as cool as it seems and doesn't disappoint upon release.

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The initial Valve Index announcement was made last week with an official Steam page that indicates a May 2019 release window. I truly hope we see a new industry defining moment where Valve could knock all other game developers and digital distribution platforms on their ass. According to CNET, a Valve spokesman declined to provide more details, merely offering much of the same, saying, "We will have more info soon". From its analysis of the picture it says that the graduated slider on the rear left of the unit is an IPD (interpupillary distance) adjustment slider. These resemble the faint dots used by HTC Vive, which may hint to this headset's use of an outside tracking sensor, a la the HTC Vive's infrared trackers.

As per a report by Kotaku, Valve has been working on their own VR headset for a while now.

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