Published: Sun, March 31, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Twitter app's dark mode gets even darker with an OLED-ready update

Twitter app's dark mode gets even darker with an OLED-ready update

Twitter was amongst the early ones to release a night mode for its app.

The new "Lights Out" mode takes advantage of OLED screens' ability to display pure black - they achieve this by turning off the pixels entirely to produce the darkest possible shade of black. Twitter's Light Out will offer pitch dark black background like many and I wanted for long. The social media giant is now addressing this by rolling out a new "Lights out" option that lets you switch to true-black tones that not only look darker but also reduce power consumption on AMOLED panels.

It's time for the battery-saving dark mode that the company has just tweeted. The original Blue theme, now called "Dim", is still available for those who prefer it. However, none of our Android devices had the feature quite yet, so we weren't able to test it out.

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Twitter says that there's also a quick access gesture for dark mode. Now in addition to the blue-gray dark mode that the app already had, it now has a "Lights Out" mode as well as an automatic dark mode.

We were able to spot the new changes on our Twitter iOS app.

From there, you can toggle on the Dark Mode, which enables the current blue-black theme. It could be a phased roll out, and all users should see the new options in the coming days.

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