Published: Thu, March 28, 2019
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Congressional Republicans rattled by Trump's pivot to ObamaCare fight after Mueller summary

Congressional Republicans rattled by Trump's pivot to ObamaCare fight after Mueller summary

The California Democrat is keeping up his demand for public release of the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller rather than the four-page summary Barr released over the weekend.

"The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care - you watch", Trump told reporters upon arriving at the Capitol on Tuesday for lunch with Republican lawmakers.

In a filing Monday with a federal Appeals Court in New Orleans, the administration said the entire law should be struck as unconstitutional. And 75 percent of health-care voters supported Democrats in House races.

"The president is saying he's been completely and totally exonerated by the report", Raskin said. Nothing I know of about Mueller suggests that he's too indecisive to make big calls even in cases he considers close (theory #4).

Once the full report is released, Napolitano said, Trump's opponents will have a "field day". Yet, on Tuesday, Schiff told CNN that the problem was an inability to establish proof "beyond a reasonable doubt" and promised that Congress would continue its own investigations of Trump to prove that he was "compromised" by Russian Federation.

Trump had said he would not cut that part when campaigning for the White House, although his 2020 budget proposal slashed the program's funding.

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Now that Mueller's investigation has ended with him not recommending any charges against Trump (or anybody in Trump's circle) for conspiring with Russian Federation to interfere with the 2016 election, some Republicans are looking to switch gears and investigate those who were responsible for pushing the Trump investigation. If the Trump administration successfully dismantles the law, millions of lives could be at risk; people will likely have to increasingly turn to platforms like GoFundMe to afford medical necessities like insulin.

Later in the show, Carlson reviewed the media's Trump-Russia coverage with The Federalist's Sean Davis, who wrote that it was an "absolute catastrophe".

President Trump says he wants to protect the country and future presidents from going through what he has endured over the past 22 months.

Leading House Democrats, backed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are unveiling broad legislation to shore up the Affordable Care Act.

"If all we have is that Mueller concluded that he didn't have sufficient evidence to reach a finding of conspiracy, then that leaves the door wide open, both with respect to seeing and evaluating his evidence and for further investigation whether by Congress or historians", Jerome Segal, a former senior research scholar at the University of Maryland's Center for worldwide and Security Studies and is now the president of the Jewish Peace Lobby, said in a statement emailed to Newsweek.

On Wednesday the president repeated his prediction that the GOP would be "the party of great health care". But the bigger problem for Trump is this: The report and his inclination to give Putin wet kisses, instead of condemning Moscow's intervention in the US election, was not what lost him voters, so there's no reason to believe that a warmed-over summary memo will help win them back.

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