Published: Wed, March 27, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Two New Nintendo Switch Consoles Are Apparently Coming This Year

Two New Nintendo Switch Consoles Are Apparently Coming This Year

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Nintendo is planning to release two new Nintendo Switch models possibly as early as this summer. The second would be a cheaper, more handheld-oriented version that would be for those looking for the ultimate casual experience - or to replace their decade-old 3DS.

Following the Wall Street Journal's report on two supposed Switch redesigns, Eurogamer has put up a feature that shares a few more tidbits on the topic. As ever, Nintendo isn't about to 'fess up - it never comments on rumours.

The premium version is said to be "high-performance and high-specs" so may come with more storage and a slightly better CPU, but it still won't be near the specs of a PS4 or Xbox One. It's unclear whether this will cost more than the current-generation Switch, which is priced at £279.99 ($299.99) or whether it will simply replace it in the line-up. For one, the WSJ is an established media outlet and a trusted source of news - including scoops like this one. Sources close to Nintendo have told the publication that Nintendo "is hoping to cater to the same two audiences it eventually evolved 3DS to serve with 2DS and New 3DS XL". This might seem like an odd move, but then so was stripping 3D from the 3DS - and Nintendo did that.

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It's nearly a guarantee that Nintendo will look to announce these at E3, with a release planned for alter in the year.

This cheaper Switch would reportedly cut costs by losing features such as controller vibration. We'll probably have to wait 'til E3 for anything substantial, but I think it's safe to say that some sort of new Switch model is imminent.

The company launched the Switch as what was widely seen as its "last roll of the dice" following the failure of the Wii U to capture the public imagination.

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