Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Ethiopia crash black boxes sent to France for analysis

Ethiopia crash black boxes sent to France for analysis

The airline said on Twitter: "An Ethiopian delegation led by Accident Investigation Bureau has flown the Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder to Paris, France for investigation".

Last October, Indonesia's Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the ocean 13 minutes after taking off from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Early on Wednesday morning, the DGCA issued a 4pm deadline for all Boeing 737-MAX 8 aircraft in India to be grounded.

However, the US Federal Aviation Administration said a review had showed "no systemic performance issues" and that there was no basis for grounding the aircraft.

Southwest Airlines and American Airlines both operate fleets of the affected planes, some of which fly in and out of Tampa International.

"Along with the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama and in accordance with developments of the ongoing investigation, Copa Airlines has made a decision to immediately and temporarily suspend operations of its six MAX 9 airplanes until the cause of the accident is known", the company said in a statement published on Twitter. The US president said safety was of paramount concern.

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American Airlines has flown more than 2.5 million passengers on almost 18,000 flights safely on its Boeing 737 Max 8 fleet since November 2017 when it first began using the aircraft, according to a company statement posted Wednesday.

According to NBC News, Southwest Airlines had the most flights with the Boeing Max planes in the United States with about 150 flights per day out of the airline's total of about 4,100 flights daily. But they managed to steady the plane after disconnecting the autopilot, said another report. The disaster is the second with a Max 8 plane in just five months and has set off a wave of groundings of the planes around the world.

The acting administrator of the FAA, Daniel Elwell, said he did not know how long the USA grounding of the aircraft would last.

Passenger-rights advocate Gabor Lukacs said Wednesday that it would be prudent for Garneau to suspend use of the aircraft until questions are answered about what caused the Ethiopian crash.

Ultimately, the FAA found what they believed to be similarities between this most recent crash and the late 2018 crash of another 737 MAX 8, indicating that there might be a serious problem with the planes that couldn't be explained away as pilot error.

United Airlines says they are sharing data about the Max jet with the FAA as they continue their investigation.

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