Published: Wed, March 13, 2019
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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down In Atlantic Ocean

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down In Atlantic Ocean

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., March 8 - An unmanned capsule from Elon Musk's SpaceX splashed into the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, successfully completing a mission crucial to NASA's long-delayed quest to resume human space flight from USA soil later this year.

"Fifty years after humans landed on the moon for the first time, America has driven a golden spike on the trail to new space exploration feats through the work of our commercial partner SpaceX and all of the talented and dedicated flight controllers at NASA and our worldwide partners".

SpaceX made history last week after successfully docking with the ISS. It burned its thrusters several times before its final descent.

On NASA TV, it looked like a slow-motion ballet even though the two craft were actually orbiting Earth at 17,500 miles per hour.

It had a heat-shield to protect it from the high temperatures of re-entry.

The capsule, which launched last Saturday, parachuted down into the Atlantic Ocean near Port Canaveral around 8:45 a.m.

"Will the parachutes deploy correctly?" When the Dragon is safely away from the rocket, it will descend under parachutes - one more test of that critical system, too.

SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk, left, speaks with NASA astronauts Doug Hurley, center, and Bob Behnken, right, who are assigned to fly on the crewed Demo-2 mission. "I am proud of the great work that has been done to get us to this point".

Crew Dragon's near-perfect flight - an on-time launch, a flawless docking, and six days of operating in the punishing environment of space - did not guarantee a ideal reentry. "It's definitely something that we'll be able to see, and know the outside of the vehicle is going through something pretty severe - and we'll be hoping it takes care of us as it takes us through entry".

NVIDIA buys high-performance chip-maker Mellanox for $6.9 billion
Nvidia has outbid Intel Corp in the auction for Mellanox and could announce a deal as early as Monday, the person said. It will reportedly help NVIDIA better compete in the server market, which accounts for about a third of its sales.

A pair of recovery ships was stationed in the Atlantic well before splashdown and quickly moved in, lifting the capsule from the water within an hour.

SpaceX's Crew Dragon has been retrieved by the "Go Searcher" recovery ship after splashing into the Atlantic Ocean Friday morning.

Nasa and the administration of President Donald Trump have spent all week extolling the historic nature of the mission.

The past week's flight marked the first-ever Crew Dragon space trip, known as Demonstration Mission 1 or DM-1.

- First commercially-built and operated American crew spacecraft to dock with the space station. The crew members of ISS had closed and locked the spacecraft's hatch prior to the undocking on Thursday.

For more updates on the Crew Dragon, visit SpaceX's Twitter account and website.

Due to development delays, the switch has come to fruition only Trump.

NASA awarded the first contracts in 2014 to SpaceX and Boeing, now totalling about $8 billion. SpaceX did not broadcast images of Dragon's interior during the flight up to the ISS.

While the space world was busy congratulating SpaceX and NASA last Saturday, Russian space agency Roskomos tweeted only the following day, praising the United States space agency, not SpaceX.

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