Published: Fri, March 08, 2019
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New Tesla Superchargers Promise 50 Percent Faster Charging

New Tesla Superchargers Promise 50 Percent Faster Charging

Tesla says that "a$3 t this rate, a Model 3 Long Range operating at peak efficiency can recover up to 75 miles of charge in 5 minutes and charge at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour". A new feature called On-Route Battery Warmup heats the battery when the navigation is set to a Supercharger station, ensuring that the battery is at the optimal temperature to charge for reduced charge times. When an owner navigates to a charging station, their vehicle will make sure the battery is raised to an optimal temperature when they arrive which Tesla says can reduce average charge times by 25 percent.

Tesla said early March it's rolling out new technology that will cut typical recharging times for its electric vehicles to about 15 minutes.

The company advertises the rate as "1,000 miles per hour", meaning it is capable of adding 1,000 miles of range in just one hour.

In parallel to the new V3 Superchargers, Tesla will be updating its existing network of V2 Superchargers to enable a peak charging rate of 145 kW.

Tesla Supercharger cable- V3 vs. V2
Tesla Supercharger cable- V3 vs. V2

The first beta V3 Supercharger location is now open in the Bay Area, and Tesla says it will break ground on the first proper North American V3 Supercharger location next month, ramping up later this year. The Model Y SUV, due to be revealed next week, will likely also be able to use the system because it shares technical elements with the Model 3 saloon.

In Q2, an over-the-air firmware update will allow for V3 Supercharging for all owners, as more V3 Superchargers go online in Q2 and Q3, while Europe and Asia-Pacific will see V3 chargers in Q4. Tesla reckons charge times will be halved based on its own modelling of Tesla fleet data. And initially only the Model 3 will be able to handle the peak rate but a software update coming down the line will make it possible for the Model S and X as well.

Tesla shared news of the next-generation V3 Superchargers in a rare official blog post and the über quick video below.

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