Published: Fri, March 08, 2019
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'Captain Marvel': Nick Fury Tries To Arrest Carol In New Clip

'Captain Marvel': Nick Fury Tries To Arrest Carol In New Clip

"This is part of why art that depicts the female experience is so important because on one hand for women and girls it allows us to go 'oh.I had that experience too'". We were exhausted at the end of the day, we had a bunch of people on set... Any Kree soldier could be a Skrull in disguise. Danvers is ambitious and seems to be harboring some unique powers, but her squad leader Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) is coaching her to keep those powers - and her emotions - in check. For starters, Carol Danvers has no idea who she is.

The wearing of flannel, the use of the Alta Vista search engine and much bopping to Garbage and Hole all place the story in the 1990s - 1995, to be exact - but confusion about identity is timeless. Larson, who is allergic to cats, said that you had to be quiet when Reggie was shooting, and she got in trouble for yelling something about going to Shake Shack while he was working.

Along the way she's aided by her commander (Jude Law) and partnered with local grunt investigator Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), a man Marvel fans already know has an extraordinary future ahead of him. Could she possibly have visited this obscure planet before?

James Corden shared a lengthy promo for the upcoming new episode, which kicked off with the Captain Marvel co-stars hitting the road in an SUV, flipping on the radio and signing along to Grande's hit track "7 Rings."

And Brie Larson was certainly feeling strong as she rocked a bold power suit on the way into Good Morning America on Wednesday in NY. Who can't benefit from taking a deep breath in a hard moment? The sum total of what the film asks her to do can be summed up by a dependable but tiring pattern of squinting, quipping, and then smiling before launching into battle.

She falls from the sky and through the roof of a Blockbuster video store (not the last 90s reference milked for nostalgia or comedy) barely able to get her bearings before she's exchanging fire with more Skrulls.

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Like all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, the screenplay takes minor and major liberties with the comic-book incarnations of Carol and company.

Dressed for work in a hi-tech bodysuit and sporting hair with bounce - she might look like a typical, nearly banal Marvel heroine without much of an inner life (Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow comes to mind), but it's immediately clear she has much more to offer.

Brie Larson has an easy way with humour, and forms a winning double act with Samuel L. Jackson, made magically younger by CGI. He told the crowd that it was fun to "not be the all-knowing, angry persuader that Nick Fury always is". As a light speed, fire-fisted superhero, it's clear that Captain Marvel could easily smash the likes of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk into tiny pieces.

While the film may be emotionally reserved, the same can not be said of response it has engendered ahead of its release, especially among a small and vocal contingent who-for the first time in their lives-are feeling threatened by the inclusion of people who don't look like them in their pop culture fantasies. Sure she discovers truths along the way, but she's the same snarky, self-satisfied fighter at the end as she is at the beginning - albeit with a little more pep in her step.

Not to oversell it. Captain Marvel's a good film, not a great one, that sometimes gets bogged down in its own intricacies.

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