Published: Tue, February 19, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Trump Claims Japanese Prime Minister Nominated Him For A Nobel Peace Prize

Trump Claims Japanese Prime Minister Nominated Him For A Nobel Peace Prize

"He said, "I have nominated you" or 'Respectfully, on behalf of Japan, I am asking them to give you the Nobel Peace Prize, '" Trump quoted Abe as saying. I said thank you, ' Trump said during a press event announcing his decision to declare a national emergency at America's southern border.

He said Abe nominated him because he was anxious about North Korea conducting missile tests over Japan.

In wake of his summit with Kim Jong-un, Trump told reporters that "everyone" thought he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, but he "would never say it" because the only reward he really longed for was "victory for the world".

The Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., did not immediately respond to Fortune's request for confirmation of Abe's letter. "They gave it to Obama, he didn't even know what he got it for".

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said a year ago that he believed Trump should win a Nobel for his negotiations with Kim. He didn't know what he got it for.

Trump said a year ago that "everybody thinks" he should get the Nobel Peace Prize. That's okay, ' Trump said.

"In accordance with this policy, I'd like to refrain from commenting".

Recalling a conversation he had with Obama shortly before entering office, Trump said: 'I don't want to speak for him but I believe he would have gone to war with North Korea. "I have a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un".

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Trump complained Friday that Obama was there "for about 15 seconds" before he was awarded the prize.

The South Korean government did not nominate Trump for the prize but Moon still believes the US president may deserve such recognition for his leadership in helping to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported, citing Seoul's presidential office.

"I highly praise President Trump's leadership".

"The only reason the North Korean dictator is coming to the table is because President Trump has stared him down and shown him that we have a leader in America who means business and who has changed the dynamic in major ways", Messer told Fox News.

In 2009, the then USA president Barack Obama received the Nobel peace prize for laying out the U.S. commitment to "seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons".

The halt to North Korean nuclear and missile tests since early a year ago has been a relief for Japan, which sits well within the range of its missiles and has sometimes had test rockets land in its territorial waters.

Trump and Kim will hold a second summit in Hanoi on February 27 and 28. "That's why I think he has to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize".

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