Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

EA could bring hit battle royale game Apex Legends to mobile

EA could bring hit battle royale game Apex Legends to mobile

EA owns iconic games such as "FIFA", "Need for Speed" and "Battlefield" and launched "Apex Legends" last week in efforts to attract new audiences and take advantage of the popularity of the battle royale format, where dozens of online players battle each other to the death. Literally. A little over a week ago, there were rumors flying around that EA flew out a bunch of streamers to play a new free to play battle royale title that they would stealth announce and release the following Monday. Following its release, the game had numerous high-profile streamers play as an advertisement, but many continued playing well after their advertising slots were over. Fortnite still has an extremely large players base sitting at around 200 million, as well as billions in the bank to improve the game.

While some have offered suggestions to Tfue on ways he can avoid stream snipers in his games, the superstar has pretty much made it clear that he would rather stop streaming the game than jump through all the hoops required to prevent it from happening. It reached more than 1 million players in under eight hours and hit 10 million in less than 72.

Apex Legends continues to grow. Of that, more than 2 million players have enjoyed the Battle Royale-style gameplay concurrently.

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Player counts aren't the only signs of Apex Legends' success. Major competitors PUBG and Blackout are both paid-for titles, and the fact that the barrier for entry is so low on PS4, Xbox One and PC for Apex is likely why it's doing so well. This key feature - which we didn't know we needed, but can't live without now - allows players to focus less on overwhelming inventory management and more on jumping right into the fight. But more choice is usually a good thing, especially when Apex Legends is a tad bare at the moment.

Peak viewership numbers tell a similar story, with Apex Legends securing 491,894 viewers and Fortnite landing at 326,454.

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