Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Venezuela's Independence Being Destroyed Under Cloak of Humanitarian Aid — Maduro

Venezuela's Independence Being Destroyed Under Cloak of Humanitarian Aid — Maduro

According to reports, trucks carrying food and medicine from the U.S. are now parked near the Tienditas Bridge.

"Dear military personnel, this aid is also for you. here comes food for your children, here comes medicine for the people who are suffering", he said.

USA humanitarian aid arrived in trucks at a Colombian border town, but the Venezuelan military has barricaded a bridge at the border crossing in an apparent attempt to block the aid.

Venezuelan soldiers have blocked the border crossing with Colombia ahead of a humanitarian aid delivery from the U.S. arranged by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who has declared himself interim president.

Consultants Eurasia Group said Thursday that time was running out for Maduro as his traditional allies Russian Federation and China are "unlikely to lend (him) meaningful support", reinforcing its view that the socialist leader "will be unable to sustain his regime". "People, people and more people bringing in humanitarian aid".

Guaido has accused Maduro's troops of being complicit in a crime against humanity by blocking food and medical care.

"We've seen some National Guard sergeants who've shown unhappiness and they're being tortured".

No Venezuelan officials or opposition leaders participated in the meeting.

The bridge, which connects Cucuta and the city of Urena in Venezuela, remains blocked after the Venezuelan military, earlier this week, placed cargo containers and a tanker lorry across the road surface.

Political tensions in Venezuela between the government and opposition groups came to a head after Maduro was sworn in to a new term on January 10.

More defiantly, the socialist president contends that the aid is part of a US -led coup against him, with a goal to colonize Venezuela and exploit its vast oil resources.

"Brother, let the aid in".

Pentagon moving troops to Texas due to migrant caravan
When Trump discussed El Paso's past, he sounded like he was describing Ciudad Juarez across the border in Northern Mexico. In 2005, the city had a murder rate of 2.5 for every 100,000 residents, compared with a national rate of 5.6.

Toledo on Friday appealed to the armed forces.

"Venezuela's government is functioning". 'We're advancing in the development of health care for the good of the people'.

More than 40 nations including the United States, major European powers and most of Latin America have recognised Guaido as the country's rightful head of state.

Venezuelans are willing to "continue being business partners" with the U.S., while politicians in Washington are ready to send their country's "sons and daughters to die in an absurd war", Maduro wrote. "We know that there is a blockade in Tienditas (on the border with Colombia)".

Perez has been separated from most of her family, some back in Venezuela while others have gone to Peru and other countries to search of job opportunities.

Possible US aggression against Caracas can not be justified, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro told reporters on Friday.

Turning his ire on the Contact Group, Maduro fumed: "You don't listen to the truth in Venezuela".

According to Mogherini, the contact group should first reach "a common understanding" on "a political transition process" for the South American country, and channel humanitarian assistance to Venezuelans in need.

He said: "Everyone knows that there will be no clashes between civilians in Venezuela".

USAID has begun packaging pallets of foodstuffs after Bolton's announcement last week that it would send humanitarian aid.

"If they really wanted to help they should lift all the economic sanctions, the financial persecution, and cancel the economic ban that robs us of billions of dollars", Maduro said.

He outlined the move as part of a plan to push the military into cooperating with the opposition.

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