Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
Sports | By Brett Lawson

Nantes demand Cardiff make full £15m Emiliano Sala payment

Nantes demand Cardiff make full £15m Emiliano Sala payment

French club Nantes have reportedly demanded the transfer payment from Cardiff City for Emiliano Sala who is missing, assumed dead, after a plane he was in went missing over the English Channel.

The aircraft disappeared over the English Channel on January 21 as it flew from the French city of Nantes to Cardiff, where Sala was due to start playing in the Premier League.

And BBC Wales are reporting the Ligue 1 club are demanding the payment for the 28-year-old Argentine forward after the first scheduled instalment was withheld.

The striker and pilot were on board the Piper Malibu N264DB aircraft which went missing more than two weeks ago between Nantes and Cardiff.

Air accident investigators have confirmed that an attempt to recover the body found in the wreckage has begun.

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The plane, which was being flown from Nantes to Cardiff by pilot David Ibbotson when it vanished above the Channel Islands, was found on Sunday during the first day of a private search.

BBC Wales has learned the transfer fee is due to be paid in instalments over three years.

The club will comply with the obligations when it comes to paying the transfer fee but are focused on ascertaining the facts around Sala's disappearance.

Bordeaux will also receive a percentage of the fee, thought to be 50 per cent, because Sala played for them from 2012-2015 before signing for Nantes.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) are now trying to recover a body from the wreckage, although there is no confirmation whether the body identified is Sala's.

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