Published: Wed, February 06, 2019
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Pope says Vatican open to mediating in Venezuela if both sides ask

Pope says Vatican open to mediating in Venezuela if both sides ask

Mexico and Uruguay had hoped that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres would attend a conference in Montevideo on Thursday aimed at promoting dialogue between Venezuela's self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido and leader Nicolas Maduro.

Juan Guaido, Venezuelan opposition leader and parliament speaker, whose appointment to that position had been cancelled by the country's Supreme Court, declared himself interim president at a rally in the country's capital of Caracas on January 23.

Maduro said that if Trump was physically in front of him, he would reply to him saying, "Stop, stop Donald Trump, stop there, you are making mistakes that you are going to stain your hands with blood and you will leave the presidency stained with blood", CNN reported, quoting Spanish channel LaSexta Sunday. America's Rachel Blevins has the details.

- The Venezuelan Supreme Court, stacked with Maduro loyalists, has remained solidly behind the socialist leader, ruling last month that all actions taken by the congress - led by Guaido - are null and void. "It has a rich experience in the Syrian conflict, in which a great number of parties are involved and where religious issue plays a significant role, so its experience would be a great support", the ambassador said during a roundtable discussion in Moscow on the current political crisis in Venezuela.

The 35-year-old has since won the support of many western nations although powerful countries such as Russia, China and Turkey continue to back Maduro and denounce what they call foreign meddling in Venezuela's domestic affairs.

Emily Thornberry is to distance herself from Jeremy Corbyn over his failure to condemn President Maduro of Venezuela's regime.

He said: "I anticipate having perhaps a dozen locations all around Venezuela where such aid will be staged". "You want to humiliate Venezuela, and I will not let our people be humiliated", he said on Monday.

Gueye pleads with Everton to sell him to PSG
Gueye has continued to push for a move but his entourage believe if PSG do not put in an offer around the €35m mark, Everton will not sell.

The demonstrators said peace will only be achieved through dialogue, not by a military coup.

The Lima Group's meeting comes amid massive protests in Venezuela pressing Maduro to go.

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted out his support today saying France recognizes Guaido as Venezuela's "president in charge" and said "Venezuelans have the right to express themselves freely and democratically".

The Europeans gave Mr Maduro (56) an eight-day deadline to call fresh elections, or else have his authority removed.

Over recent years, Maduro has made repeated grandiose threats against Trump and the United States. The not a Lima Group member, but its denunciations of Maduro and its recognition of Guaido are viewed as being in lockstep with the coalition meeting in Ottawa, according to several government sources.

Last month, the Lima Group announced a travel ban on senior Venezuelan officials and a freeze on their foreign assets.

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